LNER K1 Class

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The LNER class K1 were 2-cyclinder steam locomotives with a 2-6-0 wheel arrangement, designed by Arthur Peppercorn for mixed traffic use. 70 Locos were built for British Railway after nationalisation, from 1949-1950 by NBL in Glasgow.
K1 62005 Lord of the Isles at Fort William Tom-na-Faire depot, on 22nd July 2010. Photo by whistling40s

  • The protoype K1/1 was converted from 3-cylinder K4 class 3445 MACCAILIN MÓR at Doncaster Works in 1945, and allocated to Peterborough New England shed. During 1946 it was trialled from various LNER depots, including St. Margarets, Thornton Junction and Eastfield in Scotland.
  • After nationalisation, the K1/1 was renumbered 61997 and returned to Eastfield shed in November 1949.
  • The production series 62001-62070, delivered from May 1949 to March 1950 in BR lined black livery, were ordered for depots in England.
  • The newly built locos from NBL's Queens Park works spent time running-in from Eastfield before being sent south to the Eastern and North Eastern regions.
  • In February 1952, five K1 locos, 62011/12/31/34/52, were moved north from March (31B) to Eastfield (65A)
  • In June 1952 locos 62011 & 62012 were transferred from Eastfield to Fort William (63D)
  • In May 1954 62031/34/52, plus protype 61997, transferred from Eastfield to Fort William (63D).
  • K1/1 61997 MACCAILIN MÓR was withdrawn from service in June 1961 and scrapped later in the year at Doncaster.
  • In December 1962, 62011 & 62012 were transferred to Alnmouth (52D), and the other three at Fort William 62031/34/52 were withdrawn. Class 27 diesels had taken over their West Highland line duties.

  • One Class K1 loco, 62005, which had been the last K1 to be withdrawn in December 1967 was saved by preservationists.
    • It was restored to working order in 1974 and painted in 'what might have been' LNER apple green livery and numbered 2005.
    • As LNER 2005, it was used on the Fort William - Mallaig steam service in 1987, 1988, 1990 & 1994.
    • After overhaul in 1998 the K1 returned to service in BR black as 62005 with post-1956 emblems.
    • From 2001 the loco was used on WCR's Fort William - Mallaig 'Jacobite' service.
    • 62005 was first seen bearing the 'LORD OF THE ISLES' nameplates in June 2003. The name was previously carried by LNER K4 3444/61996.
    • For 2008 the loco changed to early style Lion-on-wheel emblems on BR black livery.
    • The 2010 Jacobite season for 62005 was cut short when it was stopped on 16th July with pin holes in a flue tube. It was hauled to Carnforth on 02/08/10 for examination, and found to require a heavy overhaul.
    • After overhaul, from 2012 the livery reverted to post-1956 emblems on BR black livery and no nameplates.

    • On its journey from Carnforth to Fort William on 25/05/18, 62005 was routed through Glasgow Queen Street Low Level.
    • 62005 worked the Jacobite from the start of the 2021 season, but had to be taken out of service and was hauled Carnforth on 26/07/21.

  • While based at Fort William, 62005 was often renumbered for end-of-season photo charters.
    • In October 2002 and October 2004 it ran as 62012
    • In October 2003, it ran as 62052.
    • In October 2006 and October 2009 it ran as 62034
    • At the end of September 2007 it ran as 62011.

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