Welcome to, Scotland's online railway community. The group is for any rail enthusiast interested in the railways and trains of Scotland. It not only consists of the wiki that you're reading now, but a busy online forum and mailing list, which is accessible to anyone who registers. If you would like to join in, all you have to do is register with us for free.

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Can't work out how to do something on the new scot-rail website? Well, take a look through the following pages.

Can't login?

Your username and password are case-sensitive, which means that you will need to remember which letters are capitals and which are lower case.

If your username is FlowerOfScotland, it must be entered exactly that way. If you entered it as flowerofscotland, it would not log you in.

My password is invalid!

If you get an error message stating that your password is invalid, please use the password reset tool to reset it. You'll be sent an email with a new password to use.

What settings can I change?

You can change various settings on your account using the scot-rail website.

These can be accessed from the links at the top of the page.

How do I change my email address?

If for whatever reason you change your email address, for example if you buy a domain or change ISP, there's no need to setup a new account on

What to do is as follows:
  1. Go to your User Info page and enter your new email address under the "add additional email address";
  2. You'll get an email sent to this address with a link in it which you have to follow to confirm that the email address is yours;
  3. Go back to your User Info page and you'll now have your new address listed as an "alt email address";
  4. Use the drop down menu to select which email address is your "main email address" and then hit the submit button to "change preferences".
  5. You should then find that your old email address is listed as an "alt email address" and can then be deleted.

Adding additional email addresses will also allow you to use multiple email addresses with scot-rail. For example, you can have your home email address and blackberry address registered under the same account and choose which one receives which email list from your List Settings page.

Customise your Display name, e-mail address(es), phone number and password

User Info allows you to set your display name to something than other than your username (so emails from myself come from "Ewan" rather than my username "admin"), to set a signature that is automatically added to the bottom of every email you send and to add additional email addresses so that you can send and receive gen to different email accounts (for example an email address you check using WAP for receiving gen and your home account for receiving everything else).

Not receiving any e-mail since Yahoo! closed? E-mail delivery preferences:

List Settings allows you to change your settings for receiving emails from the various lists on You can choose between receiving individual emails, a daily digest or no emails. If you've got more than one email address registered on your account, you can also choose which address the emails are sent to. By default each account is set so that no emails are sent - each list is opt-in rather than opt-out.

Customise how you read online:

Archive Settings allow you to set which lists you see in the custom index. If you're only interested in reading "gen" and "sightings" messages, you can deselect the other mailing lists and when you view the message index, only messages from "gen" and "sightings" will be displayed. You can also decide there whether you get a summary of each email, the full email or just the subject lines in the index.

Why are my emails moderated?

All new members are moderated by default - this is firstly as an anti-spam measure and second, to ensure that new members are following the group posting guidelines. We do our best to unmoderate members as soon as possible as it increases our workload having to approve emails from members!