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Welcome to, Scotland's online railway community. The group is for any rail enthusiast interested in the railways and trains of Scotland. It not only consists of the wiki that you're reading now, but a busy online forum and mailing list, which was accessible to registered users. From April 2024 the forum has closed, with a replacement started on

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When sending emails to any of the mailing lists, please follow the group's posting guidelines:

1. is made up of a number of mailing lists, each with a specific purpose. Please ensure that you send your email to the correct group:

  • This group is for posting advanced and current gen regarding train movements in and around (or heading towards) Scotland (including the ECML as far south as Berwick upon Tweed, and the WCML as far south as Carlisle). Reports of trains which are currently in transit should be posted to rather than sightings as they may be of use to members while they are out and about. Questions may only be asked when relating to events happening within the next 24 hours, and providing you have already searched the archive as your question may already have been answered. Please be concise with emails where possible.

  • For sighting reports of trains in and around Scotland with accompanying photographs if you have them (including the ECML as far south as Berwick upon Tweed, and the WCML as far south as Carlisle). This can include questions about something you may have seen (or not seen!), such as finding out an ID or looking for a bit more information on a working. It can also include filling in the gaps on gen or sightings emails that other members may have sent or adding a photo to a previous gen or sightings report. Off region sightings may be posted, but only for trains heading to or from Scotland. Sightings of trains which are still on the move in Scotland should be posted to instead, as they may be of use to someone further along the line. Questions about times for regular workings or looking for advanced times should also be posted here.

  • For anything else to do with Scotland's railways that doesn't belong in sightings or gen. Questions, comments, news and anything else you can think of including on topic photographs.

  • For anything off-topic, including railways outside of Scotland and general chat. Anything relating to Scottish railways should be posted to discussion, sightings or gen.

2. If you would like to advertise on, please read our Advertising Policy first.

3. When replying to emails, please quote clearly and concisely. Please do not quote lines and lines of text as it makes it harder to work out what you are replying to and also means that people have to scroll on and on to get past the quoted text. Similarly, please make sure that you do quote at least in part what you are replying to. If you delete everything, it may not be clear what your comments refer to.

4. Threads will drift away from their original subject. If the messages you are about to send is no longer relevant for the list that the original email was sent to, please remember to change the subject line and send your message to a more appropriate list.

5. When sending an email which covers several subjects, please consider sending multiple emails - one for each subject to the appropriate list. This will aid avoiding confusion should the thread expand and will be easier for those wishing to reply to the subject.