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scot-rail is Scotland's online rail enthusiast community. The group is for any rail enthusiast interested in the railways and trains of Scotland. Whether you're interested in discussing future line openings, getting an update of an unusual working that's due to happen, telling us what locomotives you've seen at Mossend today or asking a question about something you're not sure about, scot-rail.co.uk is the place to be. Find out more about scot-rail.


scot-rail.co.uk is completely free to use (although donations are appreciated!). To join up, simply register your email address with us, wait for the email that will allow you to confirm that the email address supplied is really yours and then visit the website where you will be able to choose which mailing lists you want to read.

scot-rail.co.uk wiki

The scot-rail.co.uk wiki holds a vast amount of information on Scotland's railways. From past and present locomotives and rolling stock found in Scotland to the organisations and companies such as Network Rail and ScotRail who run the railways, you'll find it all here. You'll also find information in the wiki on different rover tickets, timetables, the preserved railway scene and information on many of the current and proposed rail projects.

Written by the members of scot-rail.co.uk, it's an ever changing on-line encyclopaedia - why not take a closer look or even make a contribution yourself.

These are some of our favourite pages:

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Fancy seeing your photo on the scot-rail.co.uk frontpage? Well here's your chance - simply upload it to the HomePage Submissions gallery and we'll consider it.

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