Slateford Depot

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Slateford Depot

Slateford Depot was originally a Jarvis on track metering (OTM) depot with these track machines based there:

DR 73427

DR 73265

DR 73420

TRAMM 98204

TASC 98505

these were all scraped on site in april 2010

In 2006 a temporary stabling point was build in Slateford Carriage Sidings (CS) by GeorgeLeslie. There were already existing Concrete Platforms but they needed replacing. All of this was for Stabling Scotrail's class 322 units which were eventually sold to Northern rail for use on the leeds to Doncaster line. This left Slateford CS disused.

Slateford Depot is now used by many in track plant operators including Network Rail for stabling track machines - Newtork Rail/Direct Rail Services for stabling Test trains.

Slateford depot is currently owned by Network rail and Babcock rail.

Info for trainspotters

For trainspotting the best place to see the machines and test trains which come in/out of the depot is Slateford Railway Station and the Edinburgh Suburban line

On Realtime trains trains which are going on the sub show as passing or stopping at Craiglockhart jn and niddrie west jn and slateford is Slateford jn

On freight locate Slateford depot always shows up as - Slateford Depot but in realtime trains sometimes it shows up as Slateford Carriage sidings which is incorrect but sometimes it shows up as slateford depot which usually means it is an MPV. To see trains stabled at slateford get a train from haymarket to slateford and look on the left.