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Surpised/Disapointed Paz
3 surprised and soon to be dissapointed Passangers wait their train at Mosspark Station on the Paisley Canal Line, as 66100 trundles past on a Ballast train. Date Sat 29th Sept 2012. This was the day that a week long possession started in the lead up to the electrification of the line. Happy wasnt the word when they were informed that they hadn't read the notice about service change and would have to walk 3/4 of a mile for a bus or go home and bring enough sandwiches to last them for almost 9 days as the 1st service was just after 0600 on the Monday Morning a week later
Major Projects - Paisley Canal Electrification
Thursday 27 of December, 2012 [00:56:29 UTC] by JimGillies
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