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Montrose North resignalling
Was to be commissioned on Monday, 28th January 2008, but postponed until 1st February 2010. In the commissioned scheme, two signals differ from what is shown in the above plan. MN39 (Down Main at 28 miles 833 yards) controlling entry to the single line at Usan Jn is to be 2-aspect Red/Green. (was shown 4-aspect) MN38R (Down direction, U&D Main single line, 28m 1445y) is 2-aspect Yellow/Green (was YY/Y/G), and is now closer to Usan - now only 160 yards from Up signal MN6. Usan SB and Montrose South SB will be eliminated and the areas formerly controlled from these signal boxes will be controlled from Montrose North SB. The double to single junction at Usan will be renamed "Usan Junction", and the double to single junction at Montrose South will be renamed "Montrose south Junction. Bi-directional working will be introduced over the Up Main Line in the down direction between Montrose South Junction and the reinstated trailing cross-over at Montrose North. New car stop markers will be provided on the Up Platform, applicable to down direction trains. No 1 Through Siding and the Harbour Siding are brought back into use, however the Station Siding and Goods Sidings remain of out use. Method of Working. Absolute Block (AB) regulations will apply from Craigo SB and Montrose North SB, and between Montrose North SB and Inverkeilor SB. Montrose North SB Station limits will be extended to encompass the former Usan SB and Montrose south SB station limits. Track Circuit Block (TCB) regulations will apply within the extended Montrose North SB station limits. # Note, in 2013, existing Down Main signal MN37 was replaced by a new semaphore MN37, in line with the other new semaphore MN13.
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Saturday 10 of November, 2007 [18:46:10 UTC] by Dysgraphyk
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