Class 318 Incidents And Facts

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A few items about the Class 318

  • 318250 was the only unit to carry the SC next to its vehichle numbers (SC77260/SC62866/SC77240). This was removed during its relivery at Glasgow Works. Not long after introduction spent about 7 months lying out of service at Shields.
  • 318251 has visited Hunslet Barclay more than any other member of the Class, having been the test unit for relivery on 3 occaisions
  • 318252 was involved in a collision at Townhead with a DMU, not long after introduction. When it returned it was restricted to 75mph for 4 months.
  • 318254 demolished Largs station on 11/07/95, when breaks failed. 77244 had to have its cab rebuilt at Derby. 318262 was undamaged which was on the rear.
  • 318254 was also involved in a derailment on the points, outside the SECC while operating the 08+32 ecs from SECC to Anderson on 03/09/07. The rear coach ended up on it side.
  • 318255 was the unit involved in the derailment at Glasgow Central on xx/07/19xx while forming the 1900 service to Ayr. 77265 ended up at 45 degrees. 318270 had been detached in platform 8 due to a fault, or more coaches may have been derailed.
  • 318259/318264 had a minor collision on the Largs branch, after being split at West Kilbride due to a brake fault xx/07/xx.
  • 318270/318264 were in collision with 156504 at Shields Junction on xx/12/xx. Vehicle 77288 had to have severe damage to its side, which were repaired at Glasgow Works. 318264 only had superficial damage.
  • 318270 was also in another collision, this time with 318263. 318270 received minor damage to 77289, however 77273 had to go to Derby for repairs, as the cab was wrecked.
  • 318266 received fire damage while stabled next to 303038 at Shields Depot on 27/05/91. 303038's transformer exploded damaging the depot and vehicles 62882/77256.
  • During the time of 318270 receiving repairs, numerous hybirds were made up to keep the units running, due to several vehicles being out of use for a few months. As vehicles returned to service, further hybirds were made up, until all could be reunited into original formats.