Inverclyde Line

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The Inverclyde Line connects Glasgow to Port Glasgow, Wemyss Bay and Gourock.


Starting from Glasgow Central the line shares its tracks with the Ayrshire Coast Line but only as far as Paisley Gilmour Street where the lines use different platfroms and the Inverclyde line swings Northwards to serve Port Glasgow, this is where the lines split, one line continues through to Gourock to connect with ferries while the other goes down to Wemyss Bay.

Current operating practices see 4 trains per hour serving Gourock and 1 train per hour serving Wemyss Bay.

Currently the line is ran by a combination of 380s, 318s and 320s with 314s being retired from the line in 2019.



ss 1tph Wemyss Bay fast
2tph Gourock fast
2tph Gourock slow


1tph Wemyss Bay fast
1tph Gourock slow


Details to be added by someone