LMSR Class 8P 4-6-2

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Coronation Class

6233 at Glasgow Central. Photo by Ewan

Polmadie (66A) Locos
LMS No. BR No. Withdrawn Name
6220 46220 Apr. 1963 Coronation
6221 46221 May. 1963 Queen Elizabeth
6222 46222 Oct. 1963 Queen Mary
6223 46223 Oct. 1963 Princess Alice
6224 46224 Oct. 1963 Princess Alexandra
6227 46227 Dec. 1962 Duchess of Devonshire
6230 46230 Nov. 1963 Duchess of Buccleuch
6231 46231 Dec. 1962 Duchess of Atholl
6232 46232 Dec. 1962 Duchess of Montrose
6242 46242 Oct. 1963 City of Glasgow

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