Rail Safety and Standards Board

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The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) was established in April 2003, implementing one of the core sets of recommendations from the second part of Lord Cullen’s public inquiry into the Ladbroke Grove accident.

The Company’s primary objective is to lead and facilitate the railway industry’s work to achieve continuous improvement in the health and safety performance of the railways in Great Britain, and thus to facilitate the reduction of risk to passengers, employees and the affected public.

RSSB is responsible for the production and upkeep of Railway Group Standards (RGSs). Mandated on Railway Group members, they are technical and operational standards which set out the requirements for system safety and safe interworking. This includes production of the Rule Book.

Other elements of the company’s remit are:

  • Leading UK rail industry formal inquiries to ensure safety lessons are learned
  • Leading the development of long-term safety strategy for the industry, including the publication of annual Railway Strategic Safety Plans
  • Measure, report and inform on health and safety performance, safety intelligence, trends, data and risk
  • Propose change through facilitation of the research and development programme, education and awareness

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