Signalling:Lugton Loop 2009

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Lugton Dynamic Loop

New track layout and signalling due to be commissioned 28th September 2009, as part of the Glasgow - Kilmarnock Route Enhancements.

Description of Scheme

The project involves modification to the existing infrastructure and the installation of 5 miles 36 chains of new permanent way to provide a double line of railway extending from Lugton to beyond Stewarton, to a new double to single junction location to be known as Lochridge Junction.

The new double line portion will be bi-directional with 2-aspect colour light LED signals, controlled from Lugton S.B.

Stewarton and Dunlop will have side platforms on each line.

At Lugton the existing semaphore signalling is retained.

Method of Working

The Scotland Route Tokenless Block Regulations will continue to apply between Lugton and Barrhead to the North, and between Lugton (Lochridge Jn) and Kilmarnock to the south.

Track Circuit block regulations will be introduced on the new double line portion controlled by Lugton S.B.

Permanent Way Alterations

The existing single line between Lugton and 19miles 16 chains will be doubled with the new double to single points to be known as 'Lochridge Junction'. The lines will be designated Up Kilmarnock and Down Kilmarnock. At the Lugton end, the Down Kilmarnock line will run in the alignment of the former Giffen single branch line. The trap points formerly protecting the loop line from movements on the Giffen branch will be removed,

Signalling Arrangements

The new line extension will be signalled for bi-directional train movements with two aspect colour light LED signals, controlled from Lugton Signal Box (LU prefix).

Existing signals LU6 (2-aspect colour light Down distant) and LU7 (semaphore Down home) will be recovered.

Existing semaphore signal LU23 will now lead on to the Down Kilmarnock line in the Up direction.

Down signal LU2 is Approach Lit.

Switching Out

AS of January 2013, Lugton Signalbox is equipped to 'Switch out', and will normally be closed on Sundays. When the box is 'Switched out', the section between Barrhead and Kilmarnock is effectively Single line, and signals will be cleared for trains to run on the Up Main in both directions between Lugton and Lochridge Junction.