Approach Lit Signals

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These signals are normally unlit (displaying no aspect), unless a route towards the signal has been set, or a train is standing on the berth track circuit for the signal.

They are used where same direction movements can take place on parallel lines, but where the main line has no corresponding signal.

The use of approach lit signals fell out of favour for new installations in the 1990s, but has again been permitted since 2003.

Most remaining approach lit signals in England were converted to continuously lit in the 1990s, one remains in the Gloucester area (G121, Haresfield Down Goods Loop), and another exists at Rickmansworth on the shared Metropolitan/Chiltern route.

A novel use of an approach lit signal was commissioned at Midcalder Junction in May 2013, when the Junction was re-doubled.
Bi-directional capability was retained on the Down Shotts connection, whilst the former Goods Loop became part of the Up Shotts.
Signal EJ720 on the Up Shotts is a 3-aspect (R/Y/G) stop signal, but a parallel signal on the Down shotts, EJ718, is an approach lit 2-aspect (Y/G) distant signal.

This has been done to avoid EJ718 having a red aspect that is not requred to control train movements, but may have caused confusion with respect to the old layout.

A list of Approach Lit Signals in Scotland.
SignalLocationDirectionYear installedRemarks
Highland Main Line, controlled from Aviemore S.B.
AK304Kincraig LoopUp1979
AK305Kincraig LoopDown1979
AC334Carrbridge LoopUp1979138y from end of platform 2.
AC335Carrbridge LoopDown1979Platform 2
AS344Slochd Summit LoopUp1979
AS345Slochd Summit LoopDown1979
AT354Tomatin LoopUp1980
AT355Tomatin LoopDown1980
AM364Moy LoopUp1979
AM365Moy LoopDown1979
Controlled from Edinburgh S.C.
EB671Ladybank, Branch LoopDown1980
EV426Inverkeithing Up Passenger LoopUp1979
EY655Dalmeny, Up Passenger LoopDown1979Fixed red, ground level.
EY657Dalmeny, Down Passenger LoopDown1979
EP624Powderhall Branch JunctionUp1989?Adjacent to ECML
EN583Bathgate Freight lineDown1986Removed Oct. 2008
EN2043Bathgate station, Up line Down2010Fixed Red, for reversing trains. Signalling Plan.
EJ718Midcalder Junction, Down Shotts Up2013Distant Signal, parallel with EJ720.
West Coast Main Line, controlled by Motherwell S.C.
M155Newton, Down South Goods Loop Down1973Removed 1991.
M146Newton, North Connecting LineUp1991Changed to continuously lit, 1994?
M165Newton, South Connecting LineDown1991Changed to continuously lit, 1994?
MC410Ravenstruther, Down MainUp1989?Access to Coal Terminal
MC410RRavenstruther, Down MainUp1989?Distant for MC410
Larkhall Branch, controlled from Motherwell S.C.
MH705Allanton LoopUp2005
MH706Allanton LoopDown2005
Controlled by Paisley S.C. (controlled from West of Scotland S.C. from 27/12/2011)
GPD133Dunrod Loop (Wemyss Bay branch)Down1967Originally P133
GPH523Hunterston, Low Level LoopDown1978Adjacent to Largs Branch
GPK222Kilwinning, Up Goods LoopUp1986
PE148Elderslie Passenger LoopUp1985Removed Nov. 2009
Controlled by Yoker IECC
YC638Craigendoran, West Highland LoopUp1984
YC639Craigendoran, West Highland LoopDown1984
YS164Coatbridge Sunnyside, platform 1Down1991Fixed red, for reversing trains
Alloa - Kincardine, controlled by the Stirling - Kincardine Panel.
SK6553Alloa LoopDown2008 Signalling Plan
Controlled by Annan S.B.
AN15Annan, Platform 2, Down LineUp2008Fixed Red, for reversing trains
Barrhead - Kilmarnock, controlled by Lugton S.B.
LU2near Stewarton, Down Line (17m 75c) Down2009Bi-directional lines. Signalling Plan
East Kilbride Branch, controlled from West of Scotland S.C.
GB5130Hairmyres Loop Up2013
GB5131Hairmyres Loop Down2013