Signalling:Airdrie to Bathgate 2010

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Airdrie to Bathgate:

Airdrie Bathgate Project

Passenger services between Bathgate and Airdrie are due to commence in December 2010.


Platform numbers at Bathgate should read: Up Line P.1, Down Line P.2

Signals at Bathgate marked # were commissioned in October 2008
Signals at Airdrie marked # were renewed as single lens LED type signals in July 2010

All new main signals will be the single lens 'searchlight' LED type.

Route Indications at Signal YS156
U = Up Bathgate (to YS152, via platform 3)
D = Down Airdrie (to YS160, platform 2)
1 = Airdrie Platform 1
S = Airdrie Carriage Siding

Signal YS160 is a fixed red signal for eastbound trains terminating at Airdrie platform 2.
Signal YS154 is a distant signal capable of displaying only yellow and green aspects.
Signal EN2043 is an fixed red approach lighted signal for westbound trains terminating at Bathgate platform 2.
Signal EN2042 (Bathgate Platform 2, Up direction) is capable of displaying only red and green aspects
Signal EN2048 is relocated from the former Bathgate station (25m 175yd) to the Up Bathgte line (24m 280yds)

New 3 and 6 car stop markers will be provided on both the up and down lines to assist drivers reversing trains at ground PLS signals EN5025 and EN5026 at the crossover near Caldercruix.

Mileages are referenced from zero mile post at High Street (Glasgow)

Description of Scheme

The Airdrie - Bathgate Rail Link project consists of the re-opening of approximately 14 miles of former railway between Airdrie and Bathgate. The re-opening of the line will accommodate a new passenger service from the current North Clyde network to Edinburgh via the new line to Bathgate and on to Edinburgh via Newbridge Junction.

The scheme consists of a double line (Up & Down Bathgate) between Airdrie and Bathgate. An emergency crossover will be provided at approximately 13 3/4 miles near Caldercruix. Three new stations designated ARMADALE at 22m 1201yds, BLACKRIDGE at 20m 637yds and CALDERCRUIX at 14m 1320yds will be opened, each with an up and down platform. Each platform will accommodate a 6-car multiple unit train. The existing BATHGATE and DRUMGELLOCH stations will be relocated to 25m 396yds and 11m 1561yds respectively, each with an up and down Platform. All platforms are 150 metres long.

At Airdrie a new Up platform 150 metres in length designated Platform 3 has been created.

From Bathgate to near Drumgelloch the line is controlled from workstation 5 at Edinburgh SC (signals prefixed EN). From Drumgelloch to Airdrie the line is controlled from the East workstation at Yoker SC (siganls prefixed YS). To the west of Airdrie station the lines will be known as the Up and Down Airdrie and to the east the Up and Down Bathgate.

At Bathgate a new Light Maintenance Depot (LMD) has been constructed. The LMD can be accessed from either the east or west

The line speed between Newbridge Junction and Bathgate will be increased at the time of commissioning. For track layout on this section, see Signalling:Bathgate Branch 2008.

The project has also provided 25kV overhead line electrification from Haymarket to Airdrie.

Permanent Speed Restrictions (Newbridge Junction to Airdrie)

Start Mileage Speed Line
35m 21c 60 mph Down Bathgate
35m 06c 75 mph Down Bathgate
33m 51c 90 mph Down Bathgate
25m 73c 60 mph Down Bathgate
25m 15c 50 mph Down Bathgate
24m 63c 60 mph Down Bathgate
24m 40c 80 mph Down Bathgate
23m 18c 75 mph Down Bathgate
21m 45c 80 mph Down Bathgate
19m 53c 85 mph Down Bathgate
15m 28c 80 mph Down Bathgate
12m 62c 55/80 mph * Down Bathgate
10m 46c 35/60 mph * Down Bathgate
10m 26c 60 mph Down Airdrie
8m 65c 60 mph Up Airdrie
10m 46c 80 mph Up Bathgate
15m 28c 85 mph Up Bathgate
19m 53c 80 mph Up Bathgate
21m 48c 75 mph Up Bathgate
23m 18c 80 mph Up Bathgate
24m 40c 60 mph Up Bathgate
24m 63c 35/50 mph * Up Bathgate
25m 28c 60 mph Up Bathgate
25m 73c 90 mph Up Bathgate
34m 24c 75 mph Up Bathgate
35m 13c 50 mph Up Bathgate

* Faster speed applicable only to passenger and empty coaching stock trains


The route is electrified throughout with 25kV overhead line equipment (OLE) supervised from Cathcart ECR. There are 2 neutral sections at 11m 56c to the west of Drumgelloch and at 23m 47c to the west of Bathgate.