Signalling:Bathgate Branch 2008

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Newbridge Junction to Bathgate: Doubling of Line

New signalling and track layout due to be commissioned 20th October 2008, as part of the Airdrie Bathgate Project.


Newbridge Junction
Remodelled as double lead, Down sidings removed.
Connection from Down E&G to Down Bathgate (207a points) at 38m66c.
Trailing Crossover (208 points) at 38m68c on Up E&G.
Connection from Up Bathgate to Down E&G (211 points) at 38m61c
Connection from Down E&G to Down Passenger Loop (211 points) at 38m52c.
Line speed from Down E&G onto Down Bathgate is 60mph
Line speed from Up Bathgate through Newbridge Jn is 50mph
Hash symbol = new or repositioned signals at Newbridge Junction

Bathgate branch
All signalling on the branch has been renewed, and is Controlled by Edinburgh Signalling Centre.

Mileages on the Bathgate branch are from zero at High Street (Glasgow).

Cawburn Junction at 31m59c is abolished

Uphall station at 31m07c: new 160m, 'platform 1' on Up Bathgate Line. Existing platform (Down line, 'platform 2') extended to 160m.

Livingston North station at 29m03c: new 160m, 'platform 2' on Down Bathgate Line. Existing platform (Up line, 'platform 1') extended to 160m.

Carmondean Junction at 28m52c is abolished

STVA Car terminal at Boghall not yet built.
Trailing Crossover (7001a points) at 26m64c on Up Bathgate.
Connection to STVA Yard (7002a points) at 26m57c on Down Bathgate
Connection to STVA Headshunt (7004a points) at 26m8c on Down Bathgate

Bathgate Light Maintenance Depot (LMD) not yet built.
Connection to East LMD line (7006a points) at 25m70c on Down Bathgate
Connection from West LMD line (7008b points) at 25m31c on Down Bathgate
Facing Crossover (7009b points) at 25m24c on Up Bathgate.

Current Bathgate Station buffer stops at 25m05c.

From October 2010 a new Bathgate Station is to be opened at 25m18c, together with the line westwards to Airdrie. See Signalling:Airdrie to Bathgate 2010 for details.