Signalling:Larbert Junction

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Larbert Junction Resignalling Scheme

Layout as commissioned in May 2007. (you need to log-in to see this image)

During 2008, Track Circuit Block signalling with 3-aspect signals was introduced between Larbert North and Stirling Middle, and Plean Signal box was abolished. See Discussion list posting for details.

Further changes to eliminate the semaphore signals on the 'Down Main' through Larbert were commissioned in July 2010.

A new colour light 'LN6' signal (with position lights and route indicators for the Down Goods Loop) is at the north end of platform 2 and the existing semaphore LN6 (plus shunt disc signals 22/11) by the training centre were be removed. A new Banner Repeater signal (LN6BR) is a few metres south of LN15. The semaphore arm of LN7 was removed, but LN56, the exit signal from the Down Goods Loop remains. Discussion list posting

Larbert Junction Semaphore signalling

Layout until May 2007