Signalling:Newton Capacity Enhancements 2013

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Newton Capacity Enhancements, Dec 2013 » Track and Signalling Diagram: Provision of Down North Connecting Line between Kirkhill Junction and Newton West Junction. Commissioned on 1st December 2013

(Explanation of Symbols)


The Newton SSI Area Capacity Enhancements Project

The work associated with this scheme will comprise:-
• Introduction of new 'Down North Connecting Line', alongside the existing 'North Connecting Line'. Existing 'North Connecting Line' will become uni-directional and will be re-named the 'Up North Connecting Line'.
• Provision of new facing crossover (22a/b) between Up and Down Kirkhill lines at approx. 96MP to facilitate parallel moves between WCML and Kirkhill lines.
• Linespeed of Up North Connecting Line is 70mph, reducing to 50mph at 96M10ch
• Linespeed of Down Connecting Line is 50mph for passenger traffic with a speed of 25mph for freight.
• New Down Connecting Line electrified with 25kV OLE
• New 4-aspect Signal M131 on Down North connecting Line

Position of New points:

18 (96m 41ch)'Down Main'
21 (96m 06ch) 'Up Kirkhill'
22a (96m 0ch) 'Down Kirkhill'
22b (96m 05ch) 'Up Kirkhill'