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Thirty-five 0-4-0 diesel shunting locomotives were built by Andrew Barclay of Kilmarnock for the Scottish region of British Railways.
06006 at Dundee MPD on the 15th May 1978 Photo by Barney94

  • The first batch of 15 locos, delivered to BR between June 1958 and April 1959, were sent to depots in the north of Scotland.
  • The Second batch of locos, delivered to between November 1959 and October 1960, went to depots in the West.
  • There were differences between the two batches, D2410-24 had 3 small windows at the rear of the cab, and ladder up to the fuel tank on the bonnet.
  • The Second batch D2425-44, had two larger rear cab windows, and a ladder at the radiator end of the bonnet.
1960, December 31st (35 locos in service)
Inverness, 60A (5 locos) D2410, D2411, D2412, D2413, D2423
Kittybrewster, 61A (8 locos) D2416, D2417, D2418, D2419, D2420, D2421, D2422, D2424
Keith, 61C (2 locos) D2414, D2415
Polmadie, 66A (3 locos) D2428, D2432, D2433
Motherwell, 66B (4 locos) D2426, D2429, D2430, D2431
Greenock Ladyburn, 66D (2 locos) D2425, D2427
Corkerhill, 67A, (6 locos) D2439, D2440, D2441, D2442, D2443, D2444
Ayr, 67C (5 locos) D2434, D2435, D2436, D2437, D2438

Class 06 D2420 at Gourock-April 1972
D2414 Dundee
06008 at Polmadie
06005 at Dundee MPD on the 15th May 1978
06003 shunts the yard at Markinch, Sept 1980

The Last ten Class 06 locos in BR service

1st Number 2nd Number Renumber 1975 1978 Jan-80 Withdrawn From Disposal
D2413 06001 04/74 ED 09/76 ED Cut, Campbells (Airdrie) 12/77
D2414 06002 04/75 DT DT ML 09/81 DE Cut, Swindon Works 04/82
D2420 06003 04/74 ED ED DT 02/81 DE Departmental as 97804 at Reading 03/81
D2421 06004 04/74 ED DT (ZH) 03/79 DT Cut, St Rollox Works, Glasgow 02/80
D2422 06005 12/74 DE DE DE 10/80 DE Cut at Dundee MPD 07/83
D2423 06006 11/74 AB DE DE 06/80 DE Cut at Dundee MPD 07/83
D2426 06007 04/75 DT (DT) 09/77 DT Cut, St Rollox Works, Glasgow 08/79
D2437 06008 04/75 DT DT DT 10/80 DT Cut, Campbells (at Polmadie MPD) 08/83
D2440 06009 04/75 DT 08/75 DT Cut, Campbells (Airdrie) 12/77
D2444 06010 12/74 DE (CRS) 06/75 DE Cut, St Rollox Works, Glasgow 04/79


Shunting in East Fife 1966-1990

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