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Fifty Class 58 locomotives were built by BREL for British Rail from 1982 to 1987.

The locomotives were primarily used for hauling merry-go-round coal trains in the midlands of England.

The class occasionally worked as far north as Carlisle on freight trains, but there have been only unconfirmed reports of cross-border workings.

58016 at the 1985 Haymarket Open Day. Photo: Donald Stirling

Locomotive 58016 was the first of its class to visit Scotland, being displayed at the Haymarket Depot Open Day on 24th and 25th August 1985. It was hauled from Carlisle Kingmoor to Haymarket by 40122 on 23rd and back to Carlisle on the 27th.

Subsequent visits were made by locomotives on railtours organised by the Worksop Depot Charity Train Committee.

From 1996 the locomotives became part of the DB Schenker fleet, however the introduction of class 66 locos meant the 58s were surplus to requirements and all were withdrawn from traffic by September 2002.

Some of the locos have seen further use on Mainland Europe.


Date Locos Tour Name Details   Route Remarks Photos
58011 The Worksop Wanderer link Retford - Edinburgh - Ayr With 47972 providing ETS. photo
      Ayr - Carlisle - Worksop Trainload Coal livery.
21.Sep.1996   58046 & 58002 The Worksop Aberdonian link Retford - Edinburgh - Aberdeen Both locos Mainline blue. photo
      Aberdeen - Edinburgh - Worksop
10.Jul.1999 58048 & 58016 The Worksop Midlothian link Worksop - Edinburgh (ECML) Both locos DB Schenker red. EWS red and gold surely?
      Edinburgh, Kincardine PS, Rosyth Dockyard, Edinburgh 37682 on rear. photo
      Edinburgh - Carlisle - Worksop
29.Jun.2002 58045 & 58025 The Worksop Highlander link Worksop - Edinburgh - Kirkcaldy - Blair Atholl Both locos Mainline grey. photo
      Blair Atholl - Stirling - Edinburgh - Worksop

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