Class 92

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The Class 92 is a dual-voltage British railway locomotive which can run on 25 kV AC from overhead wires or 750 V DC from a third rail. It was designed specifically to operate services through the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France.

In 2016, they are normally used on the Caledonian sleeper between Glasgow/Edinburgh and London but reliability issues cause them to be restricted on ECS work in the latter part of 2016

DB fleet consists of: 92011, 92015, 92016, 92019, 92036, 92042
GBRf fleet consists of: 92010, 92014, 92018, 92023, 92028, 92032, 92033, 92038, 92043, 92044

92015 approaches Carluke with 6M12 Mossend to Carlisle with only a 66 dead in tow Photo by brucekitchener

Class 92 hauled freights in Scotland

Northbound Class 92 hauled freight
4S672016Trafford ParkMossend0250
6S650859Carlisle YardMossend1125
6S940443WembleyMossend1540loaded China clay tanks Wednesdays only
Southbound Class 92 hauled freight
6M121257MossendCarlisle Yard1525
6M661820MossendWembley0625Wednesdays excepted
6M662000MossendWembley0625Wednesdays only
4M672005MossendTrafford Park0305
6E932100MossendTees Dock04xx
6O600015MossendDollands Moor2130empty china clay tanks Fridays only