EWS Executive Train

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An office on the railway, the Company Train is also used for customers, management, staff trips, functions and charity events. The train provides a "Conference" coach with cinema and conference suites, a "Dining" coach with reception and bar area and a "Sleeper" coach containing five bedrooms, two with En-suite bathrooms. The train consists of a push / pull configuration with a Class 67 locomotive and MKIII DVT, and has been given a special livery of maroon with Class 67 diesel locomotive No. 67029 and the DVT 82146 being given a special silver livery.


67029 in Silver Livery
10211 RFM converted from HST coach 40510 in Maroon
10546 SLEP in Maroon
11039 FO in Maroon
DVT 82146 in Silver livery

Train Specifications

Class 67 - 67 029

  • Fixed fire system to allow remote operation
  • Forward facing video camera's in both cabs

MK3 FO Coach Mk3 FO - 11039

Laid out as a Conference suite:

  • 50" plasma screens displaying forward and reverse facing cameras
  • Cinema seating
  • 7 Metre conference table and 14 Swivel seats
  • Interior door and partition alterations
  • Roof mounted antennae
  • Electrical racks housing the on-train network and entertainment system

MK3 RFM Coach - 10211

laid out as a Dining suite, with Reception area:

  • Reception and bar area
  • LED lighting
  • Longitudinal seating
  • Electrical rack housing the on-train network

MK3 SLEP Sleeper - 10546

  • Bedroom conversions to 5 suites
  • 2 En-suite bathrooms & 1 communal bathroom
  • Additional CET Tank
  • Water heaters for showers

MK 3 DVT - 82146

  • Forward facing video camera
  • DVT control system and through train wiring for class 67 / DVT push pull operation
  • Gauging assessment allowing increased route clearance