Paisley Corridor Improvements

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The Paisley Corridor Improvement Project (PCI) was originally conceived as part of the Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL). Although the Airport link was cancelled, the main line improvements give wider benefits, and Network Rail is continuing delivery of this part of the scheme.

The Paisley Rail corridor is one of the busiest commuter routes in Scotland. Due to substantial growth in demand, it has long been recognised as part of the network that would benefit from increased capacity.

The improvement project will enable efficient and reliable passenger and freight movement into Glasgow from Ayrshire and Inverclyde.

The project includes:
  • The construction of two new platforms at Glasgow Central station
  • Reinstating a 3rd track between the two existing tracks
  • Full re-signalling of the Paisley Corridor and beyond
  • The transfer of signalling control to the West of Scotland signalling centre (WSSC)
  • An extension of the Elderslie Freight Loop

Project Timeline
  • November 2009: Elderslie Freight Loop extension completed
  • November 2009: Hillington Road bridge third deck installed
  • April 2010: Construction contracts for bulk of works awarded
  • May 2010: New platforms at Glasgow Central station completed
  • December 2010: Major works – Brown Street crossover started
  • July 2011: Shields Junction resignalling
  • January 2012: Project completion

Track Layout
A diagram of the final track layout between Shields and Paisley Gilmour Street can be downloaded here:
PCI Main Line Track Layout (998kb PDF file).

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