Signalling:Shields Junction 2011

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Part of the Paisley Corridor Improvements (PCI) Project.

The signalling arrangements shown on this diagram will be commissioned at 05:30 on Tuesday 18th July 2011.

PCI Shields Pt1.jpg
PCI Shields Pt2.jpg
PCI Shields Pt3.jpg
PCI Shields Pt4.jpg

Description of the Scheme

This stage of the Paisley Corridor Improvements project covers the Shields interlocking area inclusive of:
  • Up and Down City Union lines (SC131) from 1m20ch to Shields Junction (SC059) 1m00ch.
  • The Up/Down Terminus curve (SC049) at 0m24ch to Terminus Junction (SC029) at 101m63ch (inclusive of the Through Terminus/Burma Road).
  • The Up and Down Clydesdale lines (SC029) at 101m21ch to Shields Junction (SC059) at 1m00ch
  • The Up and Down Corkerhill lines (inclusive of Shields No.1 & No.2 lines) from Dumbreck (SC061) at 1m50ch to Shields Junction (SC059) at 1m00ch.
  • From Smithy Lye (SC059) at 0m19ch to Hillington West Station 4m02ch.

The work associated with this scheme will comprise:

  • The existing Up and Down Ayr between Smithy Lye at 0m19ch and Shields Junction at 1m00ch will become Bi Directional.
  • The existing Down main line between Shields Junction at 1m00ch and Hillington West Station at 4m45ch will be designated "Down Ayr".
  • The existing Up main line between Hillington West Station at 4m02ch and Shields Junction at 1m00ch will be designated "Up Gourock".
  • Significant remodelling of Gower Street Junction.
  • A new centre line will be provided between Hillington West Station at 4m02ch and Gower Street at 1m24ch and will be designated "Up Ayr".
  • Provision of Bi Directional signalling on all lines between Smithy Lye and Cardonald Junction.
  • Conversion of all main running signals to LED searchlight type.
  • Conversion of all Position light and ground position light signals to LED.
  • Provision of staff lockout systems (not shown).
  • The mode of signalling from Cardonald North Junction to Deanside will be changed from one train working where a train staff is provided (OTS) to Track Circuit Block (TCB). Yard working will remain in place from the location of the existing notice board at 1m 18ch to the Deanside transit depot.

The new middle line shown in the diagram designated “Up Ayr” will be non operational until further notice from its proposed commencement at 1m02ch at Gower Street to its proposed end point at 4m12ch at Hillington West Station.

All signals associated with the “Up Ayr” in both directions: GS5873, GS5872, GS5883, GS5882, GS5893, GS5892, GS5902, GS5903, GS5913, GS5912, GS5923 & GS5922 will be covered up and a large X displayed on the cover.

Method of Working

Track Circuit Block working will continue to apply throughout this area under the control of West of Scotland Signalling Centre (WSSC).

Yard working will continue on the Deanside branch line at the associated Stop board at 1m18ch.

Signalling Arrangements

All signalls within this area will be renumbered using the GS5XXX number series excluding the Up and Down Ayr lines from Smithy Lye at 0m19ch to the approach to Shields Junction at 0m53ch where the signals within this area will be renumbered using the GG5XXX number series.

Existing signals, signs and AWS equipment, not modified by this scheme, are shown with an asterisk.

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