Class 350

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The British Rail Class 350 made its debut on the Scottish network in December 2013. First Transpennine Express ordered ten four car Class 350/4 Electric Multiple Units to operate their services on the Manchester Airport to Scotland route, replacing the three car Class 185 diesel multiple units and offering greater capacity on the increasingly popular service.

On Tuesday 12 December 2013, 350401 broke new ground for the class running empty from Preston to Edinburgh Waverley and return. Numerous other test and training runs took place before the class entered passenger service.

The first Class 350/4 passenger service took place on 30 December 2013, with 350401 and 350403 working 1S35 07:15 Manchester Piccadilly to Glasgow Central, and 1M96 11:09 Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport. All ten units were be in service by April 2014.

The class entered service in an unbranded grey livery as a final version had not been decided upon at the time of the units being delivered. 350409 made it's passenger debut on 2nd April 2014 wearing the new version of First Group's coporate 'dynamic lines' livery. The other nine units were soon vinyled, with 350401 being the last to be completed.

In order to provide extra capacity for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Class 350/3 units were hired from London Midland. 350372,350373 and 350374 were recorded in service in Scotland during this time.

As part of a franchise commitment by First Group, the fleet of 350/4 units was to be replaced by longer, faster trains with the 350/4 units transferring to London North Western Railway. CAF were ordered to produce twelve Class 397 units, the first of which entered service on 30th November 2019.

After the December 2019 timetable change, several units were transferred to LNWR with the remaining units transferring in April 2020 after a reduction in service due to the COVID-19 crisis.

As of April 2020, Class 350 units no longer work in Scotland.

Formations & Vehicle Numbers

Set Number DMSO TCO PTSO DMSO Comments
350401 60691 60901 60941 60671
350402 60692 60902 60942 60672
350403 60693 60903 60943 60673
350404 60694 60904 60944 60674
350405 60695 60905 60945 60675
350406 60696 60906 60946 60676
350407 60697 60907 60947 60677
350408 60698 60908 60948 60678
350409 60699 60909 60949 60679
350410 60700 60910 60950 60680

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