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Abellio ScotRail leased 10 class 365 units, for a year from May 2018 as short term cover until sufficient numbers of newly built class 385 units were brought into service. The 365 fleet were maintained at Glasgow Shields Road Depot and the class was taken out of passenger service in March 2019.

365523 at Falkirk High ยป Thursday 10 May 2018, the first day of driver training runs. The unit is working 11:04 Glasgow Queen Street to Linlithgow UPL. Photo by GregBee


Unit NumberDMOC BPTSOLTSOLDMOC ADepotLiveryDelivered (to ZH)Comments
36550965943722567225765902XXSI06/06/18 Eastfield to Crewe 30/5/19
36551365947722647226565906XXSI29/04/18 Eastfield to Crewe 30/5/19
36551765951722727227365910XXSI06/05/18 Yoker to Crewe 23/5/19
36551965953772767727765912XXSI27/06/18 Motherwell to Crewe 10/07/19
36552165955722807228165914XXSI16/06/18 Glasgow Works to Crewe 28/5/19
36552365957722847228565916XXSI22/04/18 Eastfield to Crewe 06/08/19
36552565959722887228965918XXSI06/05/18 Eastfield to Crewe 06/08/19
36552965963722967229765922XXSI16/06/18 Motherwell to Crewe 10/07/19
36553365967723047230565926XXSI04/07/18 Yoker to Crewe 23/5/19
36553765971723127231365930XXSI06/06/18 Glasgow Works to Crewe 28/5/19

Unit 365537 carried the name 'Daniel Edwards (1974-2010) Cambridge Driver'.
Units 365513 & 365517 had names removed on transfer to ScotRail

SI: Scotrail 'Interim' - Thameslink pale grey base livery with ScotRail branding & dark blue doors.

The first unit to arrive in Scotland was 365523 which was brought by road on four lorrys from Ely to KBRS Springburn on Sunday 22nd April 2018.

The next 2 units (513 & 517) also arrived by road.

The 3rd unit, 365525 was hauled north via Carlisle by 57303, arriving at Springburn on 11th May 2018.

The class entered service with Scotrail on Saturday 23rd June 2018 with 365517+365537 the first to run in passenger service. The pair operated 1R42 22:30 Glasgow Queen Street - Edinburgh Waverley, returning with 1R49 23:30 Edinburgh Waverley - Glasgow Queen Street.

On their introduction, the class saw exclusive use on the Edinburgh & Glasgow line, via Falkirk High - normally operating in pairs as in 8-car formations.

From December 2018, the Class 365 units moved to operate services between Edinburgh and Dunblane in 4-car formation.

The last day in passenger service for ScotRail was Tuesday 12th March 2019. Due to failures during the morning peak, 365521 is thought to have been the only 365 in use for the full day.

On the night of the 13th March 2019 units 365509 and 365533, and later 365517, were transferred to Yoker Depot for temporary storage.

In April 2019 to free space for the growing strong fleet of Class 385s, several of the stored fleet were gradually moved from both Shields and Eastfield Depots to the Direct Rail Services Depot at Motherwell, done with the assistance of DRS loco 57301.

The 21st May 2019 saw the beginning of the Ex-Scotrail 365 transfers to the south (Crewe) for cold storage with an uncertain future. The first two units to be transferred were 365533 & 365517, hauled by Rail Operations Group 37884 from Yoker Depot. The same loco hauled the final two units 365523 & 365525 on the 6th August 2019.

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