North East Freight Enhancements

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The North East freight enhancements involves two seperate schemes. The first is gauge enhancements on the line between Mossend and Elgin, funded by Transport Scotland. The second is the transfer of Aberdeen's railfreight facilities to a new site at Raith's Farm, Dyce, currently being developed by Aberdeen City Council.

Gauge enhancements between Mossend and Elgin

The Freight Gauge Enhancement between Elgin and Mossend will allow standard 9' 6" high maritime and insulated (reefers) containers to be conveyed by train, which will enable up to an additional 1.3 million tonnes of rail freight per annum to and from the north east.

The work, which will be carried out by STRC, involves lowering and slewing of the track at 29 structures spread across 270 miles of track. The work will be completed by end July 2007 and the route will be cleared for larger containers by early autumn 2007 at a cost of around £4m.

Raiths Farm Freight Yard

The current Guild Street freight yard in Aberdeen city centre is expected to be replaced by modern rail-to-road freight transfer facilities at Raiths Farm, Dyce, to the north of the station next to Aberdeen Airport.

Facilities at Craiginches and Waterloo Quay in Aberdeen will also be enhanced.