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A list of self-propelled track maintenance machines used in Scotland for Network Rail.

Headcode livery Number Type Name
Tampers (ZWA)
Operator: Colas Rail (Train service code:53693803)
6J43 CO DR73108 P&T 09-32-RT
Operator: Swietelsky Babcock Rail (Train service code:53694201)
6T40 SBR DR73803 P&T 08-32U-RT Alexander Graham Bell
6T41 SBR DR73804 P&T 08-32U-RT James Watt
6T42 SBR DR73904 P&T 08-4x4/4S-RT Thomas Telford
6T43 SBR DR73914 P&T 08-4x4/4S-RT Robert McAlpine
6T44 SBR DR73915 P&T 08-16/4x4C-RT William Arrol
6T45 SBR DR73916 P&T 08-16/4x4C-RT First Engineering
6T46 SBR DR73932 P&T 08-4x4/4S-RT
6T47 SBR DR73933 P&T 08-16/4x4C100-RT
6T48 SBR DR73934 P&T 08-16/4x4C100-RT
6J51 SBR DR73941 P&T 08-4x4/4S-RT
Finishing Machines (ZWA)
Operator: Swietelsky Babcock Rail (Train service code:53694201)
6J98 SBO DR77001 P&T AFM 2000-RT
6J99 SBO DR77002 P&T AFM 2000-RT
Stone Blowers (YZA)
Operator: Harsco (Train service code:53693602)
6U21 YN DR80201 PJ Plain Line Stoneblower
6U33 YN DR80213 PJ Plain Line Stoneblower
6U35 YN DR80215 HTT Plain Line Stoneblower
Switch & Crossing Rail Grinders (ZWA)
Operator: Harsco (Train service code:53693601)
6U01 YN DR79261/79271 HTT RGH20C
Plain Line Rail Grinders (ZWA)
Operator Balfour Beatty (Train service code:53693901)
6Z01 YN DR79231/2/3/4/5/6/7 Loram C21 -01
6Z02 YN DR79241/2/3/4/5/6/7 Loram C21 -02 Roger South (on car 79247)
6Z03 YN DR79251/2/3/4/5/6/7 Loram C21 -03
7Z02 YN DR79201A/79201B Loram SPML 17
Weed Killer MPV (YXA)
Operator: DB Schenker (Train service code:53790404)
6Z06 RT DR989xx+989xx Windhoff MPV
Autumn Rail Head Treatment MPV (YXA)
Operator DB Schenker (Train service code:95998501)
3S90 RT DR989xx+989xx Windhoff MPV
3S91 RT DR989xx+989xx Windhoff MPV
3S93 RT DR989xx+989xx Windhoff MPV
3S94 RT DR989xx+989xx Windhoff MPV

Note that 6Z0x and 7Z0x headcodes may also be used by other STP freight trains.

CO = Orange with black and yellow
SBR = White with orange cantrail and blue sole bar
SBO = White with blue band and thin orange stripes
FE = White with purple band and thin green stripes
YN = All yellow, 'Network Rail' branded
RT = Blue & lime green, 'Network Rail' branded

Stoneblower DR80201
DR79271/DR79261 S&C Rail grinder
Rail Grinder DR79201 B+A
Loram Rail Grinder C2101
AFM DR77002
MPV DR98961/911
DR98002 & DR98001 - Windhoff OHL MPV at Mossend Yard

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