British Transport Police

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British Transport Police (BTP) is the national police force for the railways providing a policing service to rail operators, their staff and passengers on the Network Rail infrastructure.

The Scottish Area of British Transport Police employs 207 police officers and 35 police staff.

The Scottish Area has two police stations providing a 24 hour service.
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow

Eight more police stations provide a service most of the time:
  • Aberdeen, Dalmuir, Dundee, Inverness, Kilwinning, Kirkcaldy, Motherwell, Paisley.

A further two police stations are satellites of 24 hour stations:
  • Stirling (satellite of Edinburgh) and Perth (satellite of Dundee)

Since January 2007 the Glasgow Subway has been covered by the BTP (supported by the Strathclyde Police as necessary).

Other private railways are coverered by the local police forces.

If you see any railway crime incident or are suspicious about any activity near the railway please report it to British Transport Police On 0800 40 50 40 (non-emergency number)

If you spot any damage that has been made to trackside safety fencing please contact the Network Rail National Helpline giving location details. 08457 11 41 41

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