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Electric Train Heating Ex-Locomotives

Three former class 25/3 locos converted into mobile generators in 1983 to allow Mk3 Sleeper carriages to be be used on the Fort William sleeper trains.

New Number Previous Number Converted Name Depots (Storage) Final livery Withdrawn Scrapped
97250 (25310, W 10/82) 06/83 ETHEL 1 ED,ZD,(OO, IS) Blue & Grey W 10/87 8/94
97251 (25305, W 07/83) 08/83 ETHEL 2 ED,KM,CL,IS (IS) InterCity (1/88) W 11/93 8/94
97252 (25314, W 03/83) 10/83 ETHEL 3 ED,BY,OO (CL, IS) InterCity (3/87) W 03/91 8/94

ETHEL3 (97252) stabled with sleeper stock at Fort William in July 1985 Photo by Bill_gensheet

37184 + ETHEL 2 head the London sleeper at Rannoch 1984 Photo by Bill_gensheet

37043 + ETHEL2 head the London sleeper through Monessie gorge in 1985 Photo by Bill_gensheet

97251 ETHEL 2 at Eastfield MPD. Photo by Geddy_Lee

International Youth Year ยป In 1985 to commemorate International Youth Year 37191 was named just that at a ceremony at Glasgow Queen Street in February. With ETHEL 1 and a DBSO push-pull set in tow, the newly named loco set off for a tour to Perth, Dundee and Edinburgh. Photo by Deepol

37423 and 97251 (ETHEL 2) heading through Dalmuir in April 1988 with the coaches for the Fort William - Mallaig summer steam service. Photo by Deepol

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