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Headcodes (also known as train reporting numbers, or train IDs) are used by operational railway staff to identify particular train services. They are used in signalling systems, the Working Timetable, train crew rosters and various computer systems such as TOPS and TRUST. This page gives a list of the most common ones used in Scotland. For a full explanation of how headcodes are formed, check out the explanation page!

The page is a constant work in progress. If you know of a headcode that isn't listed here, feel free to add it yourself or alternatively email the Wiki Editors.

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First ScotRail Caledonian Sleeper services

1B011950 Fort William - Edinburgh
1Y110450 Edinburgh - Fort William
1B162142 Aberdeen - Edinburgh
1A250440 Edinburgh - Aberdeen
1M162040 Inverness - Edinburgh - Euston
1S252115 Euston - Edinburgh - Inverness
1M112341 Glasgow - Euston
1C112340 Edinburgh - Carstairs
1B260645 Carstairs - Edinburgh
1S262345 Euston - Glasgow
5C112107 Polmadie - Edinburgh ECS
5B260822 Edinburgh - Polmadie ECS
5M112100 Polmadie - Glasgow ECS
5S260815 Glasgow - Polmadie ECS

First ScotRail Fife Circle loco hauled services

2K010632 Edinburgh - EdinburghInner Circle via Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline Here
2G131708 Edinburgh - EdinburghOuter Circle via Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy Here


6S43Carlisle - Torness
6M50Torness - Carlisle
6S54Carlisle - Hunterston
The Malcolm Group
4S492130 Daventry - Grangemouth
4M301900 Grangemouth - Daventry
4A660840 Grangemouth - AberdeenNorthbound path 1 Here
4A111038 Grangemouth - AberdeenNorthbound path 2
4A6407:17 Grangemouth - Aberdeen Here
4A131215 Grangemouth - Aberdeen Here
4N791456 Aberdeen - GrangemouthSouthbound path 1
4N811556 Aberdeen - GrangemouthSouthbound path 2
4N831730 Aberdeen - GrangemouthSouthbound path 3
4N692002 Aberdeen - GrangemouthSouthbound path 4
4N720827 Elderslie - Grangemouth
4R770719 Grangemouth - Elderslie
4N781309 Elderslie - Grangemouth
4M781402 Elderslie - NewbigginMon-Fri
4S3902xx Newbiggin - ElderslieTue-Sat (Sat runs as 4Z39)
4S451830 Daventry - Mossend
4M440821 Mossend - Daventry
John G. Russell
4S441114 Daventry - Coatbridge
4S471849 Daventry - Coatbridge
4M622330 Coatbridge - Daventry
4Z340500 Coatbridge - Daventry
Eddie Stobart
4S430631 Daventry - Grangemouth
4M481811 Grangemouth - Daventry
4H470500 Grangemouth - Inverness
4N471310 Inverness - GrangemouthHeadcode changed to 4N47 in December 2008
Wagon Repair
4M53Grangemouth - Kingmoor
4S51Kingmoor - Grangemouth


6P29Carlisle Yard - Millerhill YardRan during 2007
6P301335 Millerhill Yard - Carlisle YardRan during 2007
6P68Carlisle Yard - Millerhill YardRan during 2008
6P70Millerhill Yard - Carlisle YardRan during 2008

6D620736 Oxwellmains - View Park
6B341515 View Park - Oxwellmains
6A650602 Oxwellmains - Aberdeenvia Perth
6B321651 Aberdeen - Oxwellmainsvia Fife
6Z640630 Oxwellmains - Ayr Harbour
6Z651621 Ayr Harbour Oxwellmains
6H510305 Oxwellmains - Inverness
6B311700 Inverness - Oxwellmains
6E900636 Oxwellmains - Seaham
6S261447 Seaham - Oxwellmains
6M010356 Oxwellmains - Brunthill (Carlisle)
6S091323 Brunthill - Oxwellmains

Anglo Scottish Coal
4S340337 Leeds - Killoch
4S22MO 0255 York Holgate - Ravenstruther
4S120437 Drax PS - Ravenstruther
4S330657 York Holgate - Greenburn
4S310944 York Holgate - Ravenstruther
4S400922 Leeds Hunslet - Chalmerston
4S410922 Leeds Hunslet - Hunterston
4S600815 Drax PS - Ravenstruther
4S110900 Leeds Hunslet - Killoch
4S151000 West Burton PS - Killoch
4S681505 Leeds Hunslet - Killoch
4S752253 Leeds Hunslet - Greenburn
4S290207 Leeds Hunslet - Ravenstruther
6E310928 Ravenstruther - Drax PS
6E651431 Ravenstruther - Drax PS
6E711651 Ravenstruther - Drax PS
6E722001 Ravenstruther - Drax PS
6E971430 Killoch - Doncaster Decoy
6E841711 Greenburn - DRax PS
6E741807 Killoch - West Burton PS
6E752130 Chalmerston - Leeds Hunslet
6Z730447 Killoch - Ratcliffe PS
6Z320900 Chalmerston - Leeds Stourton
6Z320937 Greenburn - Ferrybridge PS
6E332345 Killoch - Lynemouth

Internal Scottish Coal
4Z32TO 1719 Cockenzie - Ravenstruther
4Z32TX 1748 Cockenzie - Ravenstruther
4Z330200 Cockenzie - Ravenstruther
4Z081528 Longannet PS - Mossend
4Z09FO 1757 Longannet PS - Barassie
6B361137 Ravenstruther - Cockenzie PSvia Shotts
6B361115 Ravenstruther - Cockenzie PSvia Cobbinshaw
6Z332057 Ravenstruther - Cockenzie PS
6G060815 Chalmerston - Longannet PS
6G07FO 1125 Chalmerston - Longannet PS

4M831031 Coatbridge - Crewe Basford Hall
4M741300 Coatbridge - Crewe Basford Hall
4O111810 Coatbridge - Southampton
4L811941 Coatbridge - Tilbury
4L892200 Coatbridge - Felixstowe
4S500558 Crewe Basford Hall - Coatbridge
4S520802 Crewe Basford Hall - Coatbridge
4S591500 Southampton - Coatbridge
4S831822 Tilbury - Coatbridge
4S881607 Felixstowe - Coatbridge

Note that the destination for coal loaded at Ravenstruther and Hunterston can change depending on the client's requirements, but the paths through Scotland tend to be the same.

DB Schenker

West Highland
6Y150823 Mossend - Fort William
6E161750 Fort William - Mossend
Edinburgh Binliner
0B41 SO Millerhill - Powderhall
6B41 SO 08:03 Powderhall - Oxwellmains
6B44SO 10:53 Oxwellmains - Powderhall
0B44SO Powderhall - Millerhill Will run via Niddrie West (reverse) when required.
0B45 SX Millerhill - Powderhall
6B45 SX 10:25 Powderhall - Oxwellmains
6B46SX 12:43 Oxwellmains - Powderhall
0B46WX Powderhall - Millerhill Will run via Niddrie West (reverse) when required.
0B46WO Powderhall - Mossend
6A301036 Mossend - LaurencekirkMon-Thu. Used to run to Aberdeen
6D83Laurencekirk - MossendMon-Thu. Used to run from Aberdeen.
6A3105:10 Mossend - WaterlooThO. OMYA tanks. Used to be part of 6A30
6D8418:09 Waterloo - MossendFO. OMYA tanks. Used to be part of 6D83
6H440120 Mossend - InvernessLairg tanks
6D661839 Inverness - Mossendempty tanks
Lairg Tanks
6H030807 Inverness - Lairg
6H661539 Lairg - Inverness
Linkswood Tanks
6L490532 Mossend - Linkswoodvia Perth
6D711222 Linkswood - Mossendvia Fife
Riccarton Tanks
6D611248 Riccarton - Mossend
6B010518 Mossend - Riccarton
Dalston Tanks
6S36Dalston - Grangemouth
6M34Grangemouth - Dalston
Mossend Tanks
6D17Grangemouth - Mossend
Prestwick Tanks
6N44Prestwick - Mossend
Deanside Trips
6D30Mossend - Deanside
6D31Deanside - Mossend
6S580106 Lackenby - Dalzell (Motherwell)Loaded steel slabs. Booked a 60
6E3013:33 Dalzell - LackenbyEmpty steel slabs. EWD. Booked a 60
6E28Dalzell - LackenbyEmpty steel slabs. SO. Booked a 60
6S67Trafford Park - Grangemouth
6D670725 Grangemouth - Mossend
6N351510 Mossend - Grangemouth
4M671742 Grangemouth - Trafford Park
6A670955 Elgin to Laurencekirk Mondays only

Longannet Coals (Summary Times)
6G010028 Hunterston - Longannet
6G020228 Hunterston - Longannet
6G030430 Hunterston - Longannet
6G040628 Hunterston - Longannet
6G050818 Hunterston - Longannet
6G06MFO 1029 Hunterston - Longannet
6G071228 Hunterston - Longannet
6G081428 Hunterston - Longannet
6G091608 Hunterston - Longannet
6G101800 Hunterston - Longannet
6G112014 Hunterston - Longannet
6G122239 Hunterston - Longannet
Hunterston Coals (Summary Times)
4J010132 Longannet - Hunterston
4J020330 Longannet - Hunterston
4J030545 Longannet - Hunterston
4J040716 Longannet - Hunterston
4J050927 Longannet - Hunterston
4J060706 Longannet - Hunterston
4J071326 Longannet - Hunterston
4J08MFO 1528 Longannet - Hunterston
4J091757 Longannet - Hunterston
4J101958 Longannet - Hunterston
4J112146 Longannet - Hunterston
4J120030 Longannet - Hunterston
Hunterston to Cockenzie / Millerhill Coals
4J7107:06 Millerhill - Hunterston
6B7609:29 Hunterston - Cockenzie
6B7213:23 Hunterston - Millerhill
4J7409:45 Cockenzie - Hunterston
Leith / Millerhill to Cockenzie Coals
4B0205:47 Millerhill - Leith Docks
4B0313:09 Cockenzie - Leith Docks
4B0421:10 Cockenzie - Millerhill
6B0309:55 Leith Docks - Cockenzie
6B0417:56 Leith Docks - Cockenzie

First GBRf

6S602250 Harwich - AberdeenVia Stirling Times:6S60
6L590730 Aberdeen - HarwichVia Kirkcaldy
6E590625 Aberdeen Waterloo - DoncasterVia Kirkcaldy Times:6E59
Royal Mail
1M441547 Sheildmuir - Willesden
1S961626 Willesden - Sheildmuir
1S552330 Warrington - Sheildmuir Times:1S55
Alcan Tanks
6S44North Blyth - Fort William
6E45Fort William - North Blyth

The Royal Scotsman


The Jacobite

2Y611020 Fort William - Mallaig
2Y621410 Mallaig - Fort William

Network Rail Test Trains

New Measurement Train (HST)
1Q20Heaton - EdinburghMO Times
1Q21Edinburgh - NewcastleMO Times
1Q260559 Derby - CraigentinnyTO
1Q22Edinburgh - Newcastle via either Fife or Glasgow Queen StreetMO Times
1Q92Crewe - Liverpool via Glasgow CentralWO Times
2Q08950001 (Class 150)
Test Coaches
1Q06Optical Structure Gauging Train with Network Rail Class 31s
1Q18Mentor OHL Test Train with DRS Class 37s
4Q07 with Network Rail Class 31s
4Q08UTU2 with Network Rail Class 31s
4Q10Ultrasonic Test Coach 999606 (UTU4) with DRS Class 37s Also runs as 4Q12, 4Q14 or 4Q16