Royal Scotsman 2021

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A list of journeys operated by The Royal Scotsman train during 2021.

The trains are usually hauled by GBRf Class 66 locos 66743 or 66746 in Royal Scotsman livery.

There are three regular tour itineraries, plus a few special tours during the season.

Classic 5 Day/4 Night Tour
Day 1: 1H79 1345 Edinburgh - Keith via Aberdeen (or 1H79 1345 Edinburgh - Aviemore)
Day 2: 1H80 0840 Keith - Kyle (or 1H80 0836 Aviemore - Kyle, or 1H77 1250 Elgin - Kyle)
Day 3: 1H81 0839 Kyle – Boat of Garten (or 1H78 0659 Kyle - Boat of Garten)
Day 4: 1H82 1110 Boat of Garten - Dundee (reverse at Perth)
Day 5: 1H84 0807 Dundee – Edinburgh

Western 4 Day/3 Night Tour
Day 1: 1H85 1345 Edinburgh - Spean Bridge (reverses at Dalmeny Loop and Springburn)
Day 2: 1H86 0823 Spean Bridge - Fort William - Mallaig - Fort William, 1643 Fort William - Bridge of Orchy
Day 3: 1H87 0749 Bridge of Orchy – Wemyss Bay, 1829 Wemyss Bay - Kilmarnock
Day 4: 1H88 0545 Kilmarnock - Edinburgh

The Western Trip operates in top and tail mode due to the length of the train on the Mallaig extension. On arrival back at Fort William, one loco stables and runs light (as 0H87) to Wemyss Bay on Day 3 to re-attach to the train. This means the veranda coach is at the rear for the journey over Rannoch Moor.

Highland 3 Day/2 Night Tour
Day 1: 1H89 1345 Edinburgh - Boat of Garten
Day 2: 1H90 1200 Aviemore - Inverness - Aberdeen - Dundee
Day 3: 1H91 0807 Dundee – Edinburgh

Between tours, the train is serviced at Craigentinny Depot.
On days the train arrives back in Edinburgh, but does not have an afternoon departure (shown 'N/A' = None Advertised), the empty stock may run as 5D91 1003 Edinburgh to Hamilton sidings for maintenance work. The return working before a tour usually runs as 5B79 from Hamilton to Craigentinny.

% indicates changes for engineering work.

Departure Date, Tour

28-Apr Wed, Empty Test Run 5Z78 Hamilton - Edinburgh - Hamilton (66722)
30-Apr Fri, Empty Test Run 5Z78 Hamilton - Edinburgh - Hamilton (66722)

19-May Wed, Highlands 66746
21-May Fri, (N/A) ECS to Hamilton
24-May Mon, Classic (to Aviemore, not Keith) 66746
28-May Fri, Western (66743 & 66746)
31-May Mon, (N/A) ECS to Hamilton

04-Jun Fri, Western (66743 & 66746)
07-Jun Mon, Classic ECS to Hamilton
11-Jun Fri, Classic (Whisky). Sat 1H77. 66743
15-Jun Tue, Private (Fife Circle) 66743
15-Jun Tue, ECS to Hamilton
18-Jun Fri, Western (66743 & 66746)
21-Jun Mon, Classic 66743
25-Jun Fri, Classic. Sat 1H80 66743
29-Jun Tue, Highlands 66743

01-Jul Thu, ECS to Hamilton
02-Jul Fri, Grand tour of Great Britain Cancelled.
09-Jul Fri, (N/A)
10-Jul Sat, Highlands Did not run
12-Jul Mon, Classic Did not run
16-Jul Fri, Western (66743 & 66746)
19-Jul Mon, Highlands 66743 (Terminated on day 2)
20-Jul Tue, ECS Perth to Hamilton 66743
21-Jul Wed, Classic Cancelled.
25-Jul Sun, (N/A)
26-Jul Mon, Classic Did not run
30-Jul Fri, Western (66746 & 66743)

02-Aug Mon, Classic, 66746
06-Aug Fri, Classic, 66746
10-Aug Tue, (N/A)
11-Aug Wed, Highlands, 66746
13-Aug Fri, Western, (66743 & 66746)
16-Aug Mon, Classic, 66743
20-Aug Fri, Western, (66743 & 66746)
23-Aug Mon, Classic (Whisky)
27-Aug Fri, Western
30-Aug Mon, ECS to Hamilton?
30-Aug Mon, Private, Gleneagles - Boat of Garten Did not run

03-Sep Fri, Classic (66746)
07-Sep, Tue, ECS to Doncaster 66746
08-Sep Wed, Clans, Castles & Isles Did not run
10-Sep, Fri, ECS Doncaster - Millerhill 66701
11-Sep, Sat, ECS Millerhill - Hamilton 67020
13-Sep Mon, Classic 66746
17-Sep Fri, Western (Alnmouth & Penrith) 66746 & 66743
20-Sep Mon, Classic 66743
24-Sep Fri, Private, to Boat of Garten, Kyle & Tain.
26-Sep Sun, ECS Tain - Hamilton.
27-Sep Mon, Classic

01-Oct Fri, Western (Alnmouth & Penrith)
04-Oct Mon, Classic (Whisky)
08-Oct Fri, Highlands
10-Oct Sun, Classic (Whisky)
14-Oct Thu, Classic, (overnight at Perth into Day 5). 66743
18-Oct Mon, Highlands
20-Oct Wed, Highlands, (starting at Gleneagles) 66743
22-Oct Fri, Highlands, Sat 1H90 Carrbridge to Elgin, ECS to Keith
24-Oct Sun, Classic 66743 (loco also worked 1M16 Tue/1S25 Wed)
28-Oct Thu, Classic, (overnight at Perth into Day 5). 66743

01-Nov Mon, ECS 5H84 Edinburgh to Craigentinny 66743
07-Nov Sun? two-coach ECS Craigentinny - Edinburgh?
12-Nov Fri, two-coach ECS 5D90 Edinburgh- Craigentinny 92020
12-Nov Fri, ECS 5D91 Craigentinny - Hamilton 66741

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