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Arriva CrossCountry operate a fleet of 34, four car Class 220 "Voyagers".

221-121 » Leaving Glasgow central Photo by alanmci

These trains operate between Glasgow/Edinburgh and the South via Birmingham. They also work some trains north of Edinburgh to Dundee and Aberdeen.

When operated by Virgin Cross Country, they also ran via the WCML to Manchester and Birmingham.

The trains were built by Bombardier and delivered between 2001-2002. They are based at Central Rivers Depot, near Burton-on-Trent.

Each class 220 vehicle has a 750hp Cummins QSK1 diesel engine under the floor, which powers two electric traction motors driving the inner axles on each bogie. The trains have a maximum speed of 125mph.

Class 220s are very similar to class 221s, however the two classes are fitted with different bogies - the class 220s have inside frames which expose the whole of the wheel face.

When operated by Virgin Cross Country, the 220s had a 'silver shield' on the nose, and red backed nameplates.

All the units were named, prior to Virgin loosing the franchise, mostly after areas of Britain, with a 'Voyager' suffix.

Virgin 220027 at Motherwell » 220.027 departs from Motherwell with the 07:00 Birmingham New Street - Glasgow Central train on Saturday 1st September 2007 Photo by Dysgraphyk

Class 220 units have visited the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway to carry out Autumn low adhesion training for Virgin Trains drivers.

220009 Gatwick Voyager was the first of the class to visit on on 28th September 2001. photo link
It was the last training run of the season, the other trips had used 158s.

Training with class 220s also took place for 3 weeks in September 2002, with units running from Edinburgh to Cadder Yard to reverse before heading to Bo'ness.
(archived message).

Up until December 2008 on Sunday mornings class 220 and 221's would come onto the WCML via the Cathcart Circle.

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