Strathspey Railway

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The Strathspey Railway runs from Aviemore's Platform Three passing Aviemore Speyside station, through Boat of Garten to Broomhill. The line passes through the Craighorms National Park and partially runs parallel to the River Spey.

Caledonian Railway No. 828 at Aviemore. Photo by VirginVoyager

The line follows the route of the former Highland Railway's line to Forres via Grantown as far as Broomhill. It was closed by British Railways as part of the Beeching Report, but the line from Aviemore to boat of Garten was reopened by the Strathspey Railway. In 2002, the first extension to the line opened, allowing trains to run to Broomhill for the first time in around 40 years. The railway plans to extend again, this time into Grantown-on-Spey. The plan is to open a new Grantown-On-Spey station about 3/4 track-mile north of the former Grantown-on-Spey West site, as well as including such things as a museum and allowing passengers to spend time at either end of the line. The extension would supply passengers with a nearly 30 mile round trip from Aviemore - Grantown and return.

Locomotives and Multiple Units

Steam Locomotives
Caledonian Railway 812 Class 828 In service
Wemyss Private Railway 0-6-0T 17 Braeriach Awaiting overhaul
BR 2MT 2-6-046464 Under major overhaul
BR 2MT 2-6-046512 EV Cooper EngineerIn service
LMS 5MT 4-6-0 5025 Returned to service after major overhaul August 2021
WD 0-6-0ST Austerity 9 Undergoing overhaul
WD 0-6-0ST Austerity 48 Stored
Andrew Barclay & Son, Kilmarnock 0-4-0ST Pug 2 Balmenach Stored at Boat of Garten

Diesel Locomotives
Andrew Barclay & Son, Kilmarnock 0-4-0DH 517 Power of Enterprise Stored
BR 0-4-0 North British shunter D2774 In service
British Rail Class 08 0-6-0 D3605 In service
BR Bo-Bo Class 26 26002/D5302 Awaiting overhaul
BR Bo-Bo Class 26 26025/D5325 Awaiting overhaul
BR Bo-Bo Class 27 27050/D5394 In service
BR A1A-A1A Class 31 31327/D5862 In service
BR Co-Co Class 37 37674/D6869 Arrived November 2021
North British Locomotive Co 0-4-0 DH shunter 27549 Stored/Awaiting overhaul
Ruston & Hornsby 0-4-0 DM shunter 265618 Queen Anne Operational
Ruston & Hornsby 0-4-0 DM shunter 260756 Stored
Thomas Hill Vanguard 4w chain drive DH shunter277V Operational

Diesel Multiple Units
BR Class 107 DMBS Sc51990 Out of service
BR Class 107 DTC MBS Sc52008 Out of service
BR Class 107 DMS Sc52030 Awaiting restoration
BR Class 114 E54047 Out of service
BR Class 117 DMBS W51367 In service
BR Class 117 DMS Sc51402 In service
BR Class 117 TCL S59511 Undergoing restoration

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