Class 141

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The Twenty 2-car class 141 units, built in 1983-1984 by Leyland & British Rail Engineering, were rebuilt by Hunslet Barclay 1988-1989.

141005 at Kilmarnock on 14/05/88 for repair Photo by tmz06003

141001 in original blue grey livery at Kilmarnock for repair on 14/05/88 Photo by tmz06003

141111 in the old yard at Kilmarnock at an open day in 1988 Photo by clarkc

RB004 Single-Car Railbus

RB004 ยป At Whitrope, 25 October 2014, with improbable destination display Photo by GregBee

RB004, a single-car variant of the class 141, was built in 1984 by BREL/Leyland as a demonstrator for potential export sales. It was trialled on various Railroads in the USA before returing to Britain in 1986.

RB004 moved to Whitrope in 2012 to operate on the Waverley Route Heritage Association's short line which opened on 31 July 2012. It has remained in use for the 2019 running season, but may be replaced by class 142 Pacers acquired in 2020.

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