Class 142

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Class 142 'Pacer' units were visiting Glasgow Works for overhaul from June 2005 to May 2009.

142 078 on the Kilmarnock-Barassie line, en-route to Glasgow Works, 24th January 2007. Photo by AndrewIrvine

Until 2014, Class 142 units occasionally worked early morning Carlisle - Dumfries trains in lieu of Northern Rail class 156s.

The Pacer units, classes 142, 143 and 144, are restricted in the routes they are permitted to operate on.

Class 14x - Lines cleared in Scotland

LoR code Line of Route Description
SC031* Gretna Jn - Kilmarnock
SC039 Kilmarnock - Barassie
SC059* Shields Jn - Barassie (ECS only)
SC059* Barassie - Ayr
SC123* Bellgrove Jn - High Street Jn (ECS only)
SC129 Springburn - Belgrove Jn (ECS only)
SC131 Shields Jn - Belgrove (ECS only)
SC147* Berwick - Haymarket Depot (via Edinburgh Waverley)
Partial LoR route only

The table is out-of-date, class 142s visiting Glasgow Works started running via Beattock in the Summer of 2008.