Class 158 Route Clearance

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Class 158 units have doors that swing out from the bodyside and low stepboards. In some circumstances these could foul a platform edge, therefore the operation of these units is restricted, particularly in the West of Scotland.

Specifically this means they cannot at present be used in place of class 156 units on ScotRail services to Stranraer, Carlisle, Kilmarnock, Barrhead, East Kilbride, Paisley Canal, Oban, Fort William and Mallaig.

This page lists the routes within Scotland on which Class 158s are currently permitted to run.

LoR code Line of Route Description Remarks
SC001 Gretna Jn – Glasgow Central (via Beattock and Motherwell)
SC003 Carstairs South Jn – Haymarket East Jn
SC005 Carstairs Station Jn – Carstairs East Jn
SC007 Midcalder Jn – Holytown Jn (via Shotts) Cleared October 2003
SC009 Lanark - Lanark Junction Not Permitted
SC011 Law Jn – Uddingston Jn (via Holytown)
SC013 Wishaw Central Junction - Shieldmuir Junction Cleared March 2012
SC015 Mossend East Jn - Mossend North Jn (North Curve) Cleared April 2010
SC017 Mossend East Jn - Mossend South Jn (East Curve) Cleared April 2010
SC019 Mossend South Jn - Mossend West Jn (West Curve) Cleared April 2010
SC023 Motherwell - Newton, Hamilton Junction (via Hamilton) Cleared April 2010
SC025* Rutherglen Central Jn – Rutherglen North Jn ECS only
SC025* Rutherglen North Jn - Finnieston Junctions Not Permitted
SC027 Rutherglen West Jn – Rutherglen North Jn (West Curve) ECS only
SC029 Larkfield Jn – Shields Jn ECS only
SC031 Gretna Jn – Glasgow Central (via Kilmarnock) ECS only
SC039 Kilmarnock – Barassie ECS only
SC045 East Kilbride – Busby Jn ECS only
SC047 Muirhouse South Jn – Larkfield Jn ECS only
SC049 Muirhouse Central Jn – Terminus Jn ECS only
SC051 Muirhouse Central Jn - Muirhouse North Jn (via Cathcart Circle) Not Permitted
SC055 Newton, Hamilton Junction - Cathcart West Junction Not Permitted
SC059* Glasgow Central – Shields Jn (direct or via Smithy Lye) ECS only
SC059* Shields Jn - Ayr - Stranraer Not Permitted
SC061* Shields Jn – Corkerhill CSMD ECS only
SC061* Corkerhill CSMD - Paisley Canal Not Permitted
SC093* Lesmahagow Jn (Motherwell) - Coatbridge Jn Cleared April 2010
SC093* Coatbridge Jn – Greenhill Lower Jn See platform restrictions
SC097 Whifflet South Jn to Sunnyside Jn (Goods Line) ECS only
SC099* Whifflet North Jn - Langloan Jn Cleared April 2010
SC099* Langloan Jn – Rutherglen East Jn (via Carmyle)
SC101 Coatbridge Jn – Langloan Jn
SC103 Garnqueen North Jn – Cowlairs West Jn
SC105 Gartsherrie South Jn – Gartcosh Jn
SC106 Sighthill West Jn – Cowlairs South Jn (Chord Line)
SC107 Edinburgh Waverley – Glasgow Queen Street (via Falkirk High)
SC109 Polmont Jn – Greenhill Upper Jn (via Falkirk Grahamston)
SC110 Carmuirs East Jn – Larbert Jn
SC111 Newbridge Jn – Bathgate
SC113 Winchburgh Jn – Dalmeny Jn
SC115 Cowlairs West Jn – Knightswood North Jn (Maryhill lines)
SC115A Maryhill Park Jn – Anniesland
SC116 Cowlairs East Jn – Cowlairs North Jn
SC119 Greenhill Upper Jn – Dundee
SC123* Bathgate - Airdrie (excl) Not permitted into platforms at Airdrie
SC123* Drumgelloch - Sunnyside Jn Not Permitted
SC123* Sunnyside Jn - Bellgrove Jn ECS only, Cleared April 2010
SC123* Bellgrove Jn – Knightswood North Jn ECS only
SC123* Knightswood North Jn – Westerton Jn
SC123* Westerton Jn – Helensburgh Central Not Permitted
SC125* Hyndland East Jn - Hyndland West Jn Not Permitted
SC125* Hyndland West Jn – Yoker CSD ECS only
SC125* Yoker CSD - Dalmuir Not Permitted
SC129 Springburn – Bellgrove Jn ECS only
SC131 High Street – Shields Jn (City Union) ECS only
SC133* Westerton Jn – Bearsden (to reverse at signal YH536 at Westerton Jn) ECS only
SC136 Hyndland North Jn - Hyndland West Jn Not Permitted
SC141 Craigendoran Junction - Fort William Not Permitted
SC147 Berwick – Haymarket West Jn (via Edinburgh Waverley)
SC149 North Berwick – Drem Jn
SC161* Portobello Jn – Newcraighall Cleared June 2002
SC161* Newcraighall – Millerhill ECS only
SC163 Portobello Jn – Niddrie West Jn
SC165 Niddrie South Jn – Haymarket West Jn
SC167 Craiglockhart Jn – Slateford Jn
SC169 Gorgie Jn – Haymarket Central Jn Cleared June 2002
SC171 Edinburgh Waverley – Dundee (via Kirkcaldy)
SC173 Inverkeithing Central Jn – Thornton North Jn (via Cowdenbeath)
SC178 Thornton South Jn – Thornton West Jn
SC181 Ladybank Jn – Hilton Jn
SC183* Stirling – Alloa
SC191 Dundee – Aberdeen
SC193 Perth – Inverness
SC195 Aberdeen – Inverness
SC199 Keith branch platform
SC203 Inverness – Wick
SC205 Dingwall – Kyle of Lochalsh
SC207 Georgemas Jn – Thurso
Partial LoR route only

Platform Restrictions

Glasgow Central: Unrestricted. (Platforms 4, 5 & 7 cleared January 2004)
Blantyre: Must not exceed 15mph passing Up Platform
Coatbridge Central: Doors must not be opened on Down platform (Cleared April 2010).
Aberdeen: Platforms 3-7 only (ECS may use 1 & 2)
Inverness: Approach speed to platform 6 must not exceed 10 mph.
Lochluichart: Must not exceed 25mph.
Stromeferry: Must not exceed 15mph.
Duncraig: Must not exceed 25mph.
Thurso: Walking pace only (Cleared March 2012).

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