Class 156 Refurbishment 2017-2019

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The ScotRail Class 156 fleet was refurbished by Knorr-Bremse Rail Services (latterly Gemini Rail) at Springburn to make the trains compliant with the PRM-TSI (Persons of Reduced Mobility) standard.

To meet the standard, a replacement larger toilet compartment is installed, space is made for a dedicated wheelchair area in the saloon, and new door buttons and sounders are fitted. Other work includes a full internal and external repaint, new seats, tables and carpet, plus energy efficient lighting, power sockets and Wi-Fi installed. The new seats are from Spanish company Fainsa, of the same type being fitted to the new Class 385 EMUs.

Interior of a 156 after the PRM modifications and refurbishment work. Photo by JModulo

42 class 156 sets leased to ScotRail by Angel Trains were refurbished (up from an initial 38). Five other class 156s moved from ScotRail to Northern in December 2018 without this work done.

Fifteen of the early sets in the programme retained the original tables and 'Ashbourne' seating with old seat covers. 156510 was the first to have a full interior refit, and it was launched in public service at East Kilbide on 27 June 2017. Due to design flaws with new tables and seating, it wasn't until November 2017, when the 2nd (unit 156430) full interior refit appeared.

156478 (leased to ScotRail from Brodie Rail) was upgraded to PRM-TSI comliance in October 2016, but retains the original seating, with 'Saltire' blue seat covers.

Unit NumberArrived SpringburnDeparted SpringburnRemarks
156509 xx/02/16 15/08/16 (retained original seating)
156502 xx/xx/16 30/10/16 (retained original seating)
156503 xx/xx/16 09/01/17 (retained original seating)
156506 xx/xx/17 04/02/17 (retained original seating)
156432 xx/xx/17 25/02/17 (retained original seating)
156501 xx/xx/17 10/03/17 (retained original seating)
156505 xx/xx/17 31/03/17 (retained original seating)
156507 xx/xx/17 28/04/17 (retained original seating)
156508 xx/xx/17 31/05/17 (retained original seating)
156510 xx/xx/17 23/06/17 1st full interior refit
156511 xx/06/17 01/07/17 (retained original seating)
156513 xx/07/17 28/07/17 (retained original seating)
156467 xx/xx/17 August 2017 (retained original seating) Livery Change
156514 xx/xx/17 11/09/17 (retained original seating)
156512 xx/xx/17 02/10/17 (retained original seating)
156462 05/09/17 23/10/17(retained original seating) Livery Change
156430 October 201716/11/172nd full interior refit
156494 November 2017December 20173rd full interior refit
156504 December 201710/01/184th full interior refit
156431 xx/xx/1803/02/185th full interior refit
156442 xx/xx/1821/02/186th full interior refit
156433 21/02/1822/03/187th full interior refit
156436 xx/xx/1816/04/188th full interior refit
156439 23/03/1812/05/189th full interior refit
156435 16/04/1807/05/1810th full interior refit
156437 12/05/1827/06/1811th full interior refit
156434 May 2018July 201812th full interior refit
156495 27/06/1813/08/1813th full interior refit
156492 July 201804/09/1814th full interior refit (1st RETB fitted refurb)
156458 13/08/18September 201815th full interior refit. Livery Change.
156457 04/09/1819/10/1816th full interior refit. Livery Change.
156446 19/10/18November 201817th full interior refit. Livery Change.
156477 November 201808/12/1818th full interior refit. Livery Change.
156493 December 201810/01/1919th full interior refit. Livery Change.
156476 December 201829/01/1920th full interior refit. Livery Change.
156474 10/01/1925/02/1921st full interior refit. Livery Change.
156450 29/01/1920/03/1922nd full interior refit. Livery change.
156500 25/02/1915/04/1923rd full interior refit
156499 20/03/1913/05/1924th full interior refit
156456 15/04/19May 201925th full interior refit. Livery Change.
156453 May 2019June 201926th full interior refit. Livery Change.
156445 June 201926/07/1927th full interior refit, last train overhauled by Springburn works.

From August 2019, the 15 sets which retained the old interiors have been sent to Landore Depot in Swansea, for refitting by Chrysalis Rail.

Unit NumberArrived LandoreDeparted LandoreRemarks
156509 05/08/19 27/08/19 New seating and plug sockets
156467 28/08/19 07/09/19 New seating and plug sockets
156507 08/09/19 13/09/19 New seating and plug sockets
156506 16/09/19 22/09/19 New seating and plug sockets
156505 22/09/19 28/09/19 New seating and plug sockets
156513 28/09/19 07/10/19 New seating and plug sockets
156503 04/10/19 14/10/19 New seating and plug sockets
156502 11/10/19 19/10/19 New seating and plug sockets
156508 19/10/19 26/10/19 New seating and plug sockets
156432 26/10/19 02/11/19 New seating and plug sockets
156514 02/11/19 09/11/19 New seating and plug sockets
156512 09/11/19 16/11/19 New seating and plug sockets
156501 16/11/19 23/11/19 New seating and plug sockets
156462 23/11/19 30/11/19 New seating and plug sockets
156511 30/11/19 06/12/19 New seating and plug sockets

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