Class 314

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Sixteen Class 314 EMUs were ordered from BREL York for use on the re-opened Argyle Line (Partick to Rutherglen via Glasgow Central Low Level), which opened in 1979. Initially they mainly worked these services, although they occasionally worked Ayrshire Line.

The Class 314s are scheduled to be withdrawn from service in 2018.

314212 Ex-Works at Glasgow Works Photo by garylennon2001

As the Argyle Line was being built Trans Clyde needed more EMU's because even with 91 Class 303 and 18 Class 311 there wasn't enough for all of the electrified network. BREL York built 16 units numbered 314201-216. These units first operated Argyle and some North Clyde services. However they shared these routes with 303's. The first units in service was 314202 on November 9th 1979. As time went by the 314's were pushed out of the North Clyde services and remained on the Argyle Line. In 1999 the Class 314's were moved to primarily the Cathcart Circle, Neilston and Newton services. The remaining Class 303's operated Inverclyde, Argyle and North Clyde services with the Class 318s and Class 320s.
When the Class 303 were retired the 314's started operating a diagram on the Inverclyde services and now operate most Sunday Wemyss Bay services.


The 314s went through a life extension programme with OTMR being fitted, as they will remain in service until around 2018. The Class 314 started in January 2011, what is expected to be the last major refurbishment programme the Class will get, and will see the fleet being saltired.

314202 was the last SPT unit to be in Strathclyde Orange and Black, but went into Glasgow Works for refurbishment and repainting on 23rd November 2006.


The 314 was involved in one accident. On Sunday the 21st July 1991 314203 left Newton heading for Balloch passing a red light. A terminating train was expected to cross over the line in path of the 314. Both trains collided head on and killed 4 and injured 22.


On 21st September 2018 units 314207, 314212 and 314213 were withdrawn from service following a cascade of Class 380s to Inverclyde services after the introduction of the Class 385s.

The last official passenger service was the 1735 Paisley Canal to Glasgow Central operated by 314216, with 314210 operating the previous service before both ran ecs to Corkerhill CSD to pick up 314209 to operate to Yoker CS to await movement for scrapping.

314202 and 314205 operated the farewell railtour from Glasgow Central to Ayr, Glasgow Central to Cumbernauld via Carstairs and Glasgow Central to Helensburgh Central on Wednesday 18th December, bringing to an end the operation of the Class 314.

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