Shields Depot

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Location: South side of the Glasgow Central - Paisley lines (Virtual Earth)
Operator: ScotRail
Users: ScotRail

Shields Electric Traction Depot is home to the entire fleet of ScotRail EMUs

Class 303, Class 305 and Class 311 units were also based at the Depot.

A number of years ago, the Class 325 units also received maintenance at Shields, before Wembley took over. Any repairs needing done while in Scotland now, are undertaken at Polmadie. Several 325 units were delivered as new to Shields Depot.

In former times it was also home to Class 81 locomotives and the Class 370 APT-P trains.

Shields depot is equiped with a wheel lathe, and is frequently visited by diesel mutliple units for tyre turning.

Shields can also do overhauls up to C4.