Class 320 Formations

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Class 320/3 units (original units)

Set No.DTSO BMSO   DTSO ADepotLiveryComments
320301778996302177921GWSRIn service
320302779006302277922GWSR In service, full refurbished interior as of 12/05/18
320303779016302377923GWSRIn Service
320304779026302477924GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of 16/06/18
320305779036302577925GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of Feb 2019
320306779046302677926GWSR In service, full refurbished interior as of 07/04/18
320307779056302777927GWSRIn service
320308779066302877928GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of 29/09/18
320309779076302977929GWSRIn service
320310779086303077930GWSR In service
320311779096303177931GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of January 2019
320312779106303277932ZHSRStopped GRS Springburn for refurbishment 04/03/19
320313779116303377933GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of 12/09/18
320314779126303477934GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of 24/02/18
320315779136303577935GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of 05/01/18
320316779146303677936GWSRIn service
320317779156303777937GWSRIn service
320318779166303877938GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of 31/07/18
320319779176303977939GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of 04/03/19
320320779186304077940GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of February 2019
320321779196304177941GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of November 2018
320322779206304277942GWSRIn service, full refurbished interior as of 10/01/19

In March 2017, it was announced that the Class 320/3 fleet will be refurbished at Knorr-Bremse Rail Services (now Gemini Rail Services), Springburn (Glasgow Works) from October 2017. The work will include a full internal refurbishment, including the replacement of flooring, tables and seat covers, the installation of power sockets and a space for bicycles.

The first to receive refurbishment was 320315, which was moved to Springburn on 14/10/17 and departed 05/01/18.

Class 320/4 units (converted from 4-car Class 321/4)

Set No.DTSO BMSO   DTCO ADepotLiveryComments
320401779436306378095GWSRIn Service
321403779456306578097GWSRIn Service by 26/02/2019
320404779466306678098GWSRIn service
320411779536307378105GWSRIn service
320412779546307478106GWSRIn service
320413779556307578107GWSRIn service
320414779566307678108GWSRIn service
320415779576307778109GWSRIn service
320416779586307878110GWSRIn service
320417779596307978111GWSRIn service
321418779606308078012XXFCCStopped Kilmarnock Wabtec
321420779626308278014GWSRIn Service

The Class 320/4 units were reclassified from Class 321/4 units and were reduced to 3 cars by removal of the TSOL trailer cars (71959-71965).
Work took place at Doncaster Wabtec Works between July 2015 and January 2017.

Five more Class 321 (321401, 321403, 321404, 321418 and 321420) are being converted to Class 320/4 units, this time from Govia Thameslink Railway.
This time work is being carried out at Wabtec Kilmarnock. Originally three more class 321 was to be converted to become Class 320/4 units, however on 6th November 2017, two more units were added in addition to the three units as originally planned.

GW: Shields Depot, Glasgow
ZH: Glasgow Works

SR: ScotRail 'Saltire' livery, blue with spots, silver-grey doors. (from 2011)

SR: ScotRail (Saltire)

Previously Named
320305 carried name 'GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 1844-150-1994' until 02/04/13
320306 carried name 'Model Rail Scotland' until 04/08/11
320308 carried name 'High Road 20th Anniversary 2000' until 14/04/12
320309 carried name 'Radio Clyde 25th Anniversary' until 24/07/13
320311 carried name 'The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow' until 13/09/12
320312 carried name 'Sir William A Smith, Founder of the Boys Brigade' until 09/05/13
320321 carried name 'The Rt. Hon. John Smith, QC, MP' until 02/07/12
320322 carried name 'FESTIVE GLASGOW ORCHID' until 18/01/13

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