Class 170 Formations

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ScotRail fleet size of 34 three-car units as of July 5th 2023.

Former Hull Trains Turbostars. Now Standard Class only (& buffet removed)
Set NumberDMOSL(W)MOSLDMOSLDepotLiverySeriesComments
Express Turbostars with first class at either end
Set NumberDMOCL(W)MOSDMOCLDepotLiverySeriesComments
170407504075640779407HAP2#1BTP 'text 61016' livery
170408504085640879408HASR#1 Unit returned to service 05/07/23
170411504115641179411HASR+#1 'thank you' decals
170452504525645279452HASR#2 OOS since 25/06/22
Suburban Turbostars with standard class only
Set NumberDMOSL(W)MOSDMOSLDepotLiverySeriesComments

Vehicle types:
  • DMOCL Driving Motor Open Composite (First and standard class), with Lavatory.
  • DMOCL(W) Driving Motor Open Composite (First and standard class), with Lavatory (Wheelchair accessible).
  • DMOSL Driving Motor Open Standard class with Lavatory.
  • DMOSL(W) Driving Motor Open Standard class with Lavatory (Wheelchair accesable)
  • MOS Motor Open Standard class (centre car)
  • MOSL Motor Open Standard class, with Lavatory (centre car)

Years built in Detail:
 Units 401-415 - 1999-2000
 Units 425-434 - 2003-2004
 Units 470-471 - 2001
 Units 450-452 - 2005

All based at HA: Haymarket Depot, Edinburgh

Livery Codes:
SR: ScotRail 'Saltire' livery
UB: Plain Blue, grey doors (None since July 2020)
P2: Promotional Livery, BTP 'text 61016'

  • During 2017, 5 units had the ScotRail logos changed for promotional purposes: 170425 170428 170430 170433 and 170450
  • Similar decals were applied in 2018 to 170425 170428 170430 170433 and 170434.
  • 170450 carried MND Scotland branding from June 2018 to mid 2021.
  • 170411 carried 'thank you' rainbows from May 2020.

Units Named (and now denamed)
  • 170401 Sir Moir Lockhead OBE   (at Glasgow Queen Street, 25-March-2011, name removed 2016)
  • 170405 Riverside Museum   (at Glasgow Queen Street, 25-March-2011, name removed 2016)
  • 170407 University of Aberdeen   (at Aberdeen, 11-Oct-2010, name removed 2016)
  • 170433 Investor In People   (at Aberdeen, 20-Oct-2008, name removed April 2014)

DMOSL 79450-457 were originally formed in sets 170425-432, and DMOCL 79425-432 were originally formed in sets 170450-457. The formations were 'corrected' in November 2005.

Sets 170450-455, previously 'suburban' type, had first class accommodation (in both 504xx and 794xx cars) added in November/December 2008.

Sets 170456-457 had first class added in December 2011.

Former Hull Trains sets 170 393-396 visited Glasgow Works from May to October 2012 for first class removal.
Centre cars 56393-56396 were originally MOSRB with a buffer counter. These were removed at Haymarket between January and March 2018.

170431 was derailed and damaged by landslip on 26 November 2005 at Moy, south of Inverness. The unit was taken to Derby Works for repairs.
The centre car, 56431, returned to service for trials with an upgraded engine (MTU 6H1800 R83 of 483hp), and ran in set 170425 (September 2006 - April 2007), whilst 79431 was used as a spare in various units, until 170431 was reformed.

170405 was severely damaged by a fallen tree near Newtongrange on the Borders Railway in November 2021. The unit visited Kilmarnock Bonnyton for bodywork and electrical repairs, and had returned to service by 18 April 2022.

170416-170425 were previously leased to First ScotRail from Eversholt Rail.
From April 2015, units 170416-170420 have been leased by Southern, but sub-leased back to Abellio ScotRail, while 170421-170424 have now been converted into Class 171 units for Southern.

Four units, 170475-170478, previously operated by ScotRail were transferred to Northern at the beginning of March 2018.
Six units: 170459-461 & 472-474, moved to Northern at the beginning of August 2018.
Four units 170454-457, moved to Northern at the beginning of December 2018.
Two more units (170453 & 170458) transferred to Northern on 05 January 2019

The remaining five 'sub-leased' Eversholt units moved to East Midlands Railway in 2020.
Two units, 170416 & 170417 (both plain blue) moved south on 23 March 2020.
170420 (plain blue) moved south on 1 June 2020.
170419 (the last in plain blue) moved south on 31 July 2020.
170418 (in ScotRail Saltire livery) moved on 2 November 2020.

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