Class 314 Formations

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Set NumberDMSOPTSODMSODepotLiveryLast Passenger ServiceRemarks
314201645837145064584**CN0755 Neilston - Glasgow Central 28/12/18 Shields Depot to Sims Metal, Newport Dock 26/03/18. Scrapped April 2019
314204645897145364590**SR0755 Neilston - Glasgow Central 22/10/18 Shields to Yoker 03/11/18. Yoker to Glasgow Works 13/03/19 (hauled by 37884) for Road transport to Eastleigh 14/03/19. To be scrapped
314206645937145564594**CN1324 Gourock - Glasgow Central 23/11/18 Shields Depot to Sims Metal, Newport Dock 14/03/19. Scrapped March 2019
314207 645957145664596**CN2024 Gourock to Glasgow Central 18/05/19 Shields Depot to Yoker 02/06/19. Stored Yoker CS. To Crewe South Yard 22/08/19, then on to Newport Docks 23/08/19. Scrapped September 2019
314208645977145764598**SR0834 Cathcart Inner Circle 05/04/19Shields Depot to Yoker 15/05/19. Stored Yoker C.S. To Crewe South Yard 11/09/19, then on to Newport Docks 12/09/19. Scrapped September 2019.
314211646037146064604**SR2119 Newton to Glasgow Central 01/05/19 Shields Depot to Yoker 15/05/19. Stored Yoker C.S. To Crewe South Yard 15/08/19, then on to Newport Docks 16/08/19. Scrapped August 2019.
314212646057146164606**SR0755 Neilston - Glasgow Central 20/09/18 Shields to Yoker 22/09/18. Yoker to Glasgow Works 09/01/19 for component recovery. Scrapped February 2019 at EMR Kingsbury
314213646077146264608**CN0905 Neilston - Glasgow Central 12/10/18 Shields to Yoker 03/11/18. Yoker to Glasgow Works 12/02/19 (hauled by 37884) for component recovery. Scrapped March 2019 at EMR Kingsbury.
314215646117146464612**CN2312 Glasgow Central to Paisley Canal 18/05/19Shields Depot to Yoker 21/05/19. Stored Yoker C.S. To go to Crewe South Yard **/**/19, then on to Newport Docks **/**/19, for scrap.

314207/212/213 Withdrawn on 21/09/18, 207/213 reinstated on 05/10/18

314203 original vehicle 64588 was cut up following Newton accident of 21/7/91.
The replacement 64588, converted in 1996, was formerly class 507 vehicle 64426.
314203 vehicle 71452 was named European Union from 26/01/96 until August 2011

GW: Shields Depot

SR: Scotrail Saltire livery, Blue with spots, silver-grey doors. (from 2011)
CC: SPT carmine with cream window band, lined with black and gold. (from 1997)

SR: ScotRail (Saltire)
CN: SPT-rail (new style)

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