MK3 DVT Push-Pull

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West Coast Main Line

The Mark3 DVTs were introduced by Intercity in 1989/1990 for use on daytime West Coast main line trains from London Euston, and soon became a familiar sight at Glasgow Central.

Locomotives used were the then new Class 90s, older Class 87s, plus a few Class 86/2s.

The locomotives and MK3 stock were replaced by Virgin Trains' new class 390 Pendolino trains.

North Berwick Push-Pull

Mk3 DVT for the North Berwick service ยป Mk3 Driving Van Trailer 82132 in Virgin Trains colours, but with ScotRail branding. Photo by Dysgraphyk

The Class 322 EMUs used on the route were to be sent to Anglia, and with a shortage of DMUs, and no replacement EMUs the solution found was using spare Mk3 push-pull stock.

The coaching stock remained in Virgin trains livery, but with the branding replaced by the ScotRail logo.

Locomotives were Class 90s provided by EWS, in either Railfreight Distribution two-tone grey, or EWS maroon and gold livery.

An initial trial run was carried out on Sunday 21 December 2003, with 90023.

The Push-pull trains started work on 24th May 2004, running Mondays - Fridays only.

The trains ran to North Berwick from Edinburgh or from Haymarket with reversals taking place at Slateford. They were not used on through trains to Glasgow Central.

The trains were maintained at Polmadie.

Push-Pull operation ended on Friday 2nd September 2005, with 90021 bringing the 18:17 from North Berwick into Edinburgh.

North Berwick Mk3 Formations, October 2nd 2004
Set No.Coaches
SC01 82132 12092 12137 12005 12147
SC02 82109 12041 12065 12139 12100
SC03 82106 12019 12046 12134 12040
SC04 82112 12014 12172 12032 12038
SC05 82120 12128 12166 12151 12004

Class 90s used on the service were:

90038 had been used on driver training runs.