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Freightliner is a railfreight company set up in 1995 and it is the second largest freight operator after DB Schenker.

Since then Freightliner has expanded into two camps, Intermodal and Heavy Haul. Intermodal handles the container trains that Freightliner run, while Heavy Haul, set up in 1999, handles the heavy goods such as Coal, Oil, Cement etc.

Freightliner services in Scotland include:

  • Coatbridge to Crewe intermodals normally worked by two class 86/6s or a class 90
  • Oxwellmains to Aberdeen/Inverness/Viewpark(Uddingston) cement normally worked by a Heavy Haul class 66/6
  • Most FLHH coal trains from Hunterston/New Cumnock/Killoch/Ravenstruther to England
  • Some infrastructure trains from Millerhill
  • Refurbished/Unrefurbished stock moves for ScotRail, usually worked by a Freightliner class 47.

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