DB Schenker

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DB Schenker, previously known as English, Welsh & Scottish Railway (EWS), is one of the largest railway operators in the UK.

EWS was originally formed when a consortium led by American railway operator, Wisconsin Central, purchased five of the six BR rail freight companies created during privatisation (Rail express systems, Mainline Freight, Transrail, Loadhaul and Railfreight Distribution - the sixth, Freightliner, was taken over as part of a management buy-out).

In June 2007 Deutsche Bahn AG announced that it planed to take over ownership of EWS.

On 1 January 2009, EWS was re-named DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd.

In March 2016, DB Schenker was re-branded as DB Cargo.

In 2006 EWS was divided into 4 sectors to enable the company to focus more on the needs of it's customers

Network - dedicated to the movement of containers and logistics, engineering trains for Network Rail, and charter trains

Energy - dedicated to the movement of coal and other fuels for the energy sector

Industrial - dedicated to the movement of heavy raw materials, such as metals and petroleum products for British Industry

Construction - dedicated to the movement of aggregate, construction materials and Waste

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