Edinburgh Waverley

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Edinburgh Waverley station lies between the Old Town and New Town of Edinburgh, to the south of Princes Street.

Four tracks run west towards Haymarket Station through the short Mound Tunnels (under the National Gallery) and through Princes Street Gardens, below Edinburgh Castle.

At the east end of the station are the North and South Calton Tunnels which run under Regent Road, emerging at Abbeyhill.

The Edinburgh Waverley Expansion works took place during 2006-2007 and saw the western throat remodelled and the number of usable platforms increased to 18. As part of this work the platforms were renumbered on 27th December 2006.

Edinburgh Waverley is one of two stations in Scotland operated by Network Rail (the other being Glasgow Central) and is served by ScotRail, East Coast, Arriva CrossCountry, First Transpennine Express and Virgin West Coast. It is also the starting point for The Royal Scotsman land cruise train.

Freight through Waverley

While most freight trains avoid Waverley and run round the Edinburgh Suburban Line, a number scheduled to run through the station:

HeadcodeOrigin-DestinationLoadTime at Waverley
6S62Doncaster - MossendEnterpriseAbout 05.00ish
6D62Oxwellmains - Viewpark ThXCementAbout 08:40
7B35Thornton - Cockenzieloaded MGR12:05-12:09
6G08Thornton - Draxloaded MGR16:30
6E93Mossend - Doncaster EnterpriseAbout 22.40

Cement trains - some details possibly missing

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