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45407 at Fort William, 2nd August 2007. Photo: Dysgraphyk

The Jacobite is the name of the summer service between Fort William and Mallaig using steam locomotives.

This steam train has been running since 1984; in the later British Rail days it was known as The Lochaber.

Since 1995 it has been operated by West Coast Railway Company.

The 2012 season will use the following locomotives
  • LNER K1 Class 2-6-0 no.62005
  • ((LMSR Class 5MT 4-6-0 45407
  • LMSR Class 5MT 4-6-0 44871

The locomotive usually runs chimney first to Mallaig, and returns tender first to Fort William.

After arrival at Mallaig platform 1, the locomotive runs round the train, then shunts the stock into platform 2.

After departure from Mallaig (plaform 2), the train pauses briefly outside the station for the Ground Frame to be reset, before the train proceeds to Glenfinnan. The return train also stops at Morar because of the Open Level Crossing.

The train leaves Fort William at 10.15, arriving at Mallaig at 12.26. It leaves Mallaig at 14.11, arriving back at Fort William at 16.03.
(Jacobite Timings from 14 May 2012)

2Y6110:15 Fort William - Mallaig (a 12:26) timings
2Y6214:11 Mallaig - Fort William (a 16:03) timings
2Y6814:45 Fort William - Mallaig (a 16:44) Afternoon train timings
2Y6918:40 Mallaig - Fort William (a 20:30) Afternoon train timings

Running Monday 14th May - Friday 26th October 2012.
The service will run Mondays to Fridays throughout, and Saturdays & Sundays, 23rd June to 26th August 2012.
The afternoon service runs Monday to Friday (4th June to 31st August 2012)

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