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ScotRail started painting the eight former Northern Class 158s into ScotRail Saltire livery in August 2010.

From 2015 the remaining 40 First ScotRail liveried units are being repainted at the same time as interior work, with the Inverness based units treated first.
158871, the first 158 in the Saltire Livery stands in the yard at Railcare Springburn before departure on 5th September 2010 Photo kind permission of Railcare & FirstScotrail Photo by class47man

Unit NumberArrived SpringburnDeparted SpringburnRemarks
15887122/08/10 05/09/10 (also reliability mods. Was Silver)
15887005/09/10 19/09/10 (also reliability mods. Was Silver)
15886719/09/10 03/10/10 (also reliability mods. Was Silver)
15886803/10/1015/10/10 (also reliability mods. Was Silver)
15886917/10/10 31/10/10 (also reliability mods. Was Silver)
15878231/10/10 14/11/10 (also reliability mods. Was plain blue.)
15878614/11/10 28/11/10 (also reliability mods. Was plain blue.)
15878928/11/10 12/12/10 (also reliability mods. Was plain blue.)
158701 xx/xx/15 By 02/09/15 (also interior work, 1st IS set)
158711xx/xx/15 By 24/11/15 (also interior work)
158713xx/xx/15 By 27/12/15 (also interior work)
158722xx/xx/xx By 12/02/16 (also interior work)
158721xx/xx/16 By 19/03/16 (also interior work)
158723 xx/xx/16 By 02/04/16 (also interior work)
158716xx/xx/16 By 23/04/16 (also interior work)
158712xx/xx/16 By 23/04/16 (also interior work)
158714xx/xx/16 By 18/05/16 (also interior work)
158719xx/xx/16 By 05/06/16 (also interior work)
158702xx/xx/16 By 05/07/16 (also interior work)
158709xx/xx/16 By 13/08/16 (also interior work)
158717xx/07/16 19/08/16 (also interior work)
158724xx/08/16 By 04/10/16 (also interior work)
158715xx/09/16 By 19/10/16 (also interior work)
158704xx/10/16 xx/11/16 (also interior work)
158706xx/11/16 By 11/12/16 (also interior work)
158718xx/12/16 13/01/17 (also interior work)
15870313/01/17 10/02/17 (also interior work)
15870710/02/17 10/03/17 (also interior work)
15871010/03/17 07/04/17 (also interior work)
15870507/04/17 05/05/17 (also interior work)
15870808/05/17 By 13/06/17 (also interior work)
158720xx/06/17 31/06/17 (also interior work)
15873126/05/17 31/07/17 (also interior work, 1st HA set)
158725xx/07/17 25/08/17 (also interior work, last IS set)
158740xx/xx/17 22/09/17 (also interior work)
15873622/09/17 03/11/17 (also interior work)
158733 03/11/17 08/12/17 (also interior work)
158729 08/12/17 19/01/18 (also interior work)
15872619/01/18 23/02/18(also interior work)
15873223/02/18 30/03/18 (also interior work)
15872730/03/1802/05/18(also interior work)
15873402/05/1802/06/18 (also interior work)
15873902/06/1804/07/18(also interior work)
15874104/07/1803/08/18 (also interior work)
15872803/08/18 05/09/18 (also interior work)
15873805/09/18 06/10/18 (also interior work)
15873006/10/18 02/11/18 (also interior work)
15873507/11/18 08/12/18 (also interior work)

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