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Inverness - 04-07-2009 ยป 08788 soaks up the highland sunshine outside Lochgorm works. Photo by agcthoms

Class 08 are shunting locomotives, built by British Rail between 1955 and 1962, with English Electric engines and traction motors.

The decline of wagonload freight and locomotive hauled passenger trains has seen their numbers fall and there are now only a few locations in Scotland where they still operate.

A class 08 is based at Inverness and used by ScotRail for shunting HST trailer coaches at the Maintenance Depot.
Until the London - Inverness Caledonian Sleepers changed to Mk5 stock on 10th October 2019, an 08 was used shunt the morning arrival out of the station.

At Polmadie Class 08s are used for shunting Caledonian Sleepers stock and also for moving Class 334 units undergoing overhaul.

DBS use of class 08s at Mossend Yard ended in October 2016. The final loco was 08632. It remained at Mossend until sold in Janaury 2017.

Number Livery & Remarks Location Operator
08648 Black with RMS logo Inverness Depot ScotRail
08480 Dark grey, red solebar, RSS logo Edinburgh Craigentinny Hitachi Rail
08764 BR Blue, unbranded. Polmadie West Coast Traincare
08887 BR Blue, unbranded. Polmadie West Coast Traincare
08447 Lilac with Russell logos Hillington (Deanside). OOU. Russell Group

There are three Class 08s on preserved railways
D3059 / 08046 / Caledonian Railway, Brechin
D3558 / 08443 / Boness and Kinneil Railway
D3605 / 08490 / Strathspey Railway

Two of the earlier LMS design BR Class 11 locos are also preserved in Scotland:
12052 / Caledonian Railway, Brechin
12093 / Caledonian Railway, Brechin

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