Review of 2006

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A summary of 2006 as reported on

Rolling Stock

  • Class 67s replace Class 37s on the West Highland Sleeper from June. Messages: June, July
  • 37416 and 37427 stored at Motherwell in May, 37401 stored in June.
  • 37405 reallocated to Motherwell in May.
  • Re-organisation of EWS sees the three 37s at Motherwell (37405/406/417) 'reallocated' to Toton in November, although they still work in Scotland.
  • 37410 arrives in Scotland in November after the end of Welsh passenger work.
  • Class 90s appear in ScotRail livery: Further details
  • Class 156 units visit Derby for repaint: Further details
  • DRS Class 66s used on the autumn north Scotland RHTT
  • MTU-engined HST power cars 43300 and 43290 appear for GNER: Further details
  • Virgin Cross Country hire MML HST for Edinburgh - Birmingham from December timetable change.
  • ScotRail borrow 'Alphaline' 158863: Photo
  • Fastline Class 56 visits Shettleston: Photos

Glasgow Works
  • Continuing repaints of Class 158s (Further details)
  • Overhauls of Class 156 and Class 142 DMUs for Northern Rail
  • Final ever Orange SPT unit (314202) enters works for refurbishment and relivery

Hunslet Barclay, Kilmarnock:


  • Launch of Stobart Rail train for Tesco (operated by DRS) on September 19th
  • Launch of infrequent VFM freight service
  • New Middleton Towers - Mossend 'sand' traffic for EWS
  • Upturn in EWS 37/4 use on freight services Jun 2006 - ? including regular use on 6B41/6B44 Edinburgh bins
  • Transfer of J.G. Russell's services from EWS to DRS.


  • Works at Edinburgh Waverley begin in January, new platforms open in December.
  • New platform at Haymarket, open in December
  • Stabling sidings at Slateford, open in December

  • Extension of Haymarket Depot,

  • Track laying on the Stirling Alloa Kincardine Railway

Switch and Crossing Renewals (done by STRC):

  • Glasgow Central (May 2006)
  • Haymarket Central Jn. (June 2006) With diversions via the Edinburgh Suburban Line
  • Larbert Junction (September 2006)
  • Innerwick and Reston (October 2006) with diversions via Carlisle
  • Cowlairs West Junction (December 2006) with diversions via Cumbernauld

Railtours and special trains

2006 saw a varied and attractive selection of railtours and special traffic:

among the several SRPS charters, we had:

other SRPS railtours included:
  • 47826 and 47851 - North Berwick-Mallaig and return - 6 May
  • 40145 (replacing 55022) on Linlithgow-Lincoln, 8 December

more Deltic action in october...
  • 40145 visits with 55022 on the 'Autumn highlander' tour between 6-9 October

2006 saw Class 50 locos on the far north and Kyle line for the first time:
  • 50031 and 50049 on the Orcadian to Kyle, Wick and Thurso 16th-19th June

Other irregular but special workings included:
  • Virgin's 390047 makes the fastest ever Glasgow - Euston trip on 22 September (3h 55m 27s)
  • LMS 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' at Glasgow Central, 16 and 17 November
  • EWS 'Company' train...
  • Cotswold HST set (including 'Hornby' red 43087) on a Bristol - Edinburgh tour, 5th Aug.

Additionally, the following trains operated during 2006:

  • The Blue Pullman (July 7-10th, August 5-6th, and 12-13th, December 2nd-4th)
  • The VSOE 'Northern Belle', including Sunday trips to Oban on 13th Aug, 3rd and 23 September.
  • The 'Green Express' (26 & 28th August)
  • King's Cross - Prestonpans annual charters 4th, 15th Aug (EWS Class 90 and EWS MK2 stock)

The Royal Scotsman
Some notable traction and 'firsts' on the 2006 season:
  • First Class 57 to visit the WHL (57601) on several runs
  • DRS 37029 hired in several times for use on the train
  • Class 33 use in 2006 for the first time on the train
  • WCRC Class 37s used early in the year

Network Rail and Inspection Trains

  • More regular use of MPV? units on RHTT workings...
  • DRS Class 37 use on OSG train ('Mentor')...
  • DRS Class 37 use on NR ultrasonic test trains
  • Class 33 used on Officer's Special with observation saloon...

NMT HST - summary

Details to be added
  • DRS Class 37 and EWS Class 67 use on NMT HST replacement...

Preserved Railways

Some very interesting events in 2006, both at Bo'ness and Strathspey...

  • 33207 attends Bo' Ness spring diesel gala
  • 55022 and 40145 attend Bo' Ness autumn diesel gala
  • 26010 moves to Bo'ness for overhaul prior to going to Whitrope
  • 'Morayshire' adds colour to Bo' Ness services
  • 'City of Truro proves an immense attraction during it's extended visit to Strathspey

Bad Weather and Other Incidents

  • Container train derails at Fouldub Jn, Grangemouth, 1st December
  • Flooding on the Far North Line, October
  • Landslides on West Highland Line, December 2006
  • Kilmarnock Signal box burnt down, December 25th

Railways in Parliament

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